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iWorkGlobal - Your Partner for Global Workforce Solutions

iWorkGlobal partners with you to quickly and easily build and manage your global workforce across the globe. iWorkGlobal works as your consultant, employer of record or agent of record to help you capitalize on opportunities offered by the changing global economy. To know more visit iworkglobal.comiWorkGlobal - Your Partner for Global Workforce Solutions

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iWorkGlobal - Your Partner for Global Workforce Solutions

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  1. Your Workforce:Worldwide Global workforce solutions . One call, one invoice, no limits. A WORLD OF OPPORTUNITY 2.4 MILLION2 Increase in overseas workers employed by U.S. companies, 2000-2010. With iWorkGlobal As Your Partner, Your Company Is Ready To Take On The World iWorkGlobal partners with you to quickly and easily build and manage your global workforce. With local, in-market employment specialists based in more than 160 countries across the globe, we address global employment challenges with a service network that spans more than 90% of the world. We tailor our services to fit your precise needs, acting as your consultant, employer of record, and/or agent of record to help you capitalize on opportunity offered by the global economy, minimizing your risk of fines and penalties and maximizing your success. 10.3 MILLION* Total number of workers in other countries employed by U.S. companies. Simplify your global workforce engagement with iWorkGlobal. $62,069(U.S. dollars) The potential cost of just one misclassified worker in the U.S. Costs in other countries vary drastically. One call, one invoice, no limits. Schedule a complimentary consultation by calling 1.855.494.7297 or visiting iworkglobal.com. *http://www.wsj.com/articles/SB10001424052748704821704576270783611823972

  2. iWORKGLOBAL SERVICES From hiring to payrolling and invoice processing to risk mitigation, iWorkGlobal offers seamless, comprehensive global solutions so you can avoid risk, capitalize on opportunity, and focus on what you do best: building the success of your business. 49 45 EMPLOYER OF RECORD 73 When you work with the experts at iWorkGlobal to manage your payrolled workforce, you benefit from the ultimate level of workforce flexibility while eliminating administrative burdens. We ensure tax and employment eligibility documents are completed, pre-employment screenings are completed, payroll taxes are withheld, benefits are provided, and more.  87 48 iWorkGlobal’s coverage network 83 COMPLIANCE Average number of days required to start a business in this country if you don’t work with iWorkGlobal* In a complex regulatory environment with ever-changing, vague, and often contradictory laws and requirements, missteps when engaging an international workforce can result in catastrophic consequences–from huge fines and penalties to business- critical delays in expanding operations. Rely on expertise from iWorkGlobal to shield you from that risk, helping you classify your workforce to make global employment simple, fast, and safe. THE WORLD OF WORK IS CHANGING. ENGAGING A GLOBAL WORKFORCE CAN BE TIME CONSUMING AND COSTLY. The rules, regulations, and penalties for missteps in each country are different, leaving you with the responsibility of understanding complex and often conflicting requirements. When you add potential fines and penalties, operating costs can be astronomical.  46 Today, colleagues, employees, and contractors are just as likely to work across the ocean as across the hall. The right people for your company could be anywhere, and engaging them could mean the difference between meteoric success and catastrophic failure. Yet between you and those people lies a costly labyrinth of red tape. Fees, taxes, rules, and regulations all stand in the way of your success. AGENT OF RECORD No matter where in the world your independent contractors work, iWorkGlobal can help you streamline your independent contractor invoices and payment. Your payment process becomes simple with consolidated invoicing and the important payment information for all your engagements becomes instantly accessible at your fingertips. With iWorkGlobal, you can start engaging a global workforce almost instantaneously, relying on our in-country experts to cut through regulatory red tape and understand complex requirements without worry of risk. We make global expansion simple and safe by providing a turnkey solution that unlocks the world for employers, bringing you in-market expertise and guidance in over 160 countries.  *http://data.worldbank.org/indicator/IC.REG.DURS

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