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The Integrated Activation Solution PowerPoint Presentation
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The Integrated Activation Solution

The Integrated Activation Solution

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The Integrated Activation Solution

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  1. The Integrated Activation Solution

  2. FAW is An Activation Agency stands with work idealism background – high standard and dedication Established to gives solution on “Activation” as for brand orpersonal With experience persons in activation business

  3. The Address Jl. Cikatomas II/19 Kebayoran Baru Jakarta Selatan 12180 Telp : +62 21 7231081/84 Fax : +62 21 7244378 E-mail : Website :

  4. Organization Structure

  5. WahyuIstanto (Director) T. Fadil M. (Managing Director) Wahyu Hidayat (Creative Head) AdhityaEkaputra (Production Manager) Reni Iriani (Account Manager) Epi Wahyuni (Corporate Secretary) Dessy Halifanty (Director Secretary) Helmy (Sr. Project Coordinator) Ade Pratiwi (Account Executive) Safiul (Sr. Art & Design) Khairunissa. (Officer) Angga TB (Project Coordinator) Kiki (Art & Design) Sahlan (Supporting Officer) Indra L. Bachri (Production Officer) Jefry (Art & Design)

  6. TEAM

  7. Wahyu Istanto - Director PT. Out of Asia - Australian company base in Yogyakarta. As Business Development Head Division Reported directly to Australian president director. PT. AJ Creation Indonesia – Energy resource company base in Seoul. As Manager. Reported directly to Korean president director in Seoul. • Established business relationship with steam coal producers in Indonesia such as PT. Bukit Asam, PT. Humpuss and PT. Gunung Bayan • Established business relationship with steam coal buyer in Korea such as Ssangyong Corporation and J.K. Trading & Industry, Ltd. • Open the door for steam coal investment for Korean investor.

  8. T. Fadil M. - Managing Director • Start his marketing carrier from basic element of marketing itself, sales team in one of international affiliation insurance company, Fadil choose to sharpen his marketing working field in promotion by join with a TV national TV Station as an account executive who also handle not only for commercial spot but also for TV program and Live Sport Competition Series, before he finally join with PT. Indika Cipta Kreasi as the place that he squeeze his marketing carrier focus in Activation Promotion Business as Account Supervisor, who responsible to handle area from new business and maintain existing business, lead team to build concept, production implementation, budgeting control and reporting to some clients, for ex; Coca Cola Indonesia, Unilever Indonesia, Tempo Group, CNI, and others • Continue his carrier in activation by join a multinational activation agency which part of group of BBDO Indonesia as a Marketing Communication Manager, and continue to spend his last one year in local well known agency, as Business Manager and responsible for new business and lead the team to handle project start from build the concept, budgeting, implementation and production, report and evaluation, some projects which handled: Unilever brands, BCA, BSD and Esia until finally develop FAW with Wahyu

  9. Our Expertise • 360 Consumer Goods Brand Activation, especially for road show activation • Build activation concept especially for urban market and also can be implemented to the secondary cities

  10. Activation is the business that we choose…

  11. Promotion Path Advertising Activation MEDIA ATL & BTL BTL & ATL Communication One way communication (To give the information) Two way communication (To feel the experience)

  12. Brand Experience & Activation activate consumers to take actions and experience the brand To bring our target market directly communicate with the product/brand To build the connectivity between brand, product and consumer

  13. Will Give Clients…

  14. Helping Brands stand out from the competitors • Cut through the clutter • Think outside the box • Connecting brands with consumers in the order winning their hearts and minds • Link brand image with consumer interest and preference • Create Brand Experience  attach emotional meaning • Explore all relevant channels • Activate consumers to take action to our client’s brand

  15. Range of Services • Expertise : • Consumer Goods Brand Activation • School to school & Mall Road Show Activation • Build activation concept especially for urban market and also can be implemented to the secondary cities

  16. Networking Throughout Indonesia Medan Samarinda Pekanbaru Manado Balikpapan Padang Banjarmasin Lampung Makassar Semarang Jakarta Bandung DIY SBY Bali Partnership: - Local Agency/EO - Local Radio Stations

  17. FAW Positioning

  18. Differentiation A team work who can develop the brief into a strength and unique creative concept which can be implemented perfectly in to a strong activation project

  19. Relevancy • A strong relevancies to the brand and product objective • Shoot the target market with a sharp activation in a good marketing method • Keep the quality in high standard • Wrap it in excellent implementation • Meet to the budget objective

  20. What Does Consumer/Client Wants from an Activation Agency…???

  21. A great team work agency which can develop the brief in a excellent way into an unique and strength creative concept which can implement and had a strong relevancies to the brand and product objective and also can shoot their market target in a sharp activation in a good marketing way, without leaving the quality and wrap in a excellent implementation and meet to the budget objective

  22. How to answer our goal…?

  23. “Must Have”Character • Smart • Responsive • Unique & Innovative • Professional & Responsible • Relaxing

  24. From 3 years existences FAW’s Projects

  25. 2008 Start from March’ 2008, FAW gets responsibility from one of biggest consumer goods company to do their activation campaign, with some projects : • Pond’s GadisSampul 2008 • Dove Moment of Truth • Recruitment Road Show • Photo Exhibition • Initiation Moment • Sariwangi Gold Selection, MT Launching • Pond’s Beauty Class 2008 - 2009

  26. 2009 • Dove Shampoo; Finding Your Hairmates • Pond’s Cashier Training • Pond’s White Beauty MT Activation • Paddle Pop Pyrata, Road Show & Mall Big Bang • Paddle Pop Pyrata, Nonton Bareng • CoBP ; Internal Campaign Unilever Indonesia’s Program • Pond’s Medan Education • Lux Foamphoria • Gebyar Wisata Nusantara, with Indonesia BUDPAR Department • Rexona V8 Launching • Pond’s Teens Concert Schools Road Show 2009 • Pond’s Milk & Toner Education Campaign • HPC2 Celebration, an internal Unilever Indonesia’s Program

  27. 2010 • Paddle Pop Kombatei Nonton Bareng • Paddle Pop Kombatei Mall Big Bang • Pond’s Beauty Class 2009 – 2010 • Pond’s Face Campaign 2010 MT Activation • HPC2 Celebration, an internal Unilever Indonesia’s Program • ClearMen Thematic Campaign – Soccer, MT Activation • Paddle Pop Kombatei KidFest 2010 • Pond’s Teens 2010 Concert Road Show • Unilever’s Tempo Katalog • Pond’s Age Miracle Fabulous Lady Road Show Campaign • Unilever’s Thematic Branding for Valentine & Men’s Grooming @ Health Store • Citra Bar Soap Launching • Citra Bar Soap Layar Tancep Road Show • Paddle Pop Adventure Big Bang • Buavita 2 Go Launch

  28. 2011 • Paddle Pop Elemagika CSR Program • Lux Kiss MT Activation • Cornetto Strawberry Cheese Cake Launch • Pond’s SBA Creative Design for SBA • Unilever – Walls Annual Conference in Bali • Pond’s Romance in A Box • Walls Selection Ice Cream Launch • Paddle Pop at KidFest 2011 • Buavita at Bruno Mars Concert Activation Cornetto Ice Cream at Maroon Five Concert Activation Paddle Pop Begins I Campaign Program Launch Pond’s White Beauty PR Campain in Bali Buavita 2Go Orange Launch Series Paddle Pop Begins MT Activation Zwitsal MT Activation Center Fruit Candy Launch Walls Selection MT Activation

  29. 2012 • Pond’s Make It Happens Schools & HOP Road Show • Pond’s Make It Happens in Hypermarket • Paddle Pop Begins I Movie Launch • Unilever Regional Media Gathering (in Bali) • Paddle Pop Ride at Dunia Fantasi - Ancol

  30. Projects Description

  31. Year of 2008

  32. Pond’s GadisSampul • Road Show Event to participate in Gadis Sampul 2008 selection, sponsored by POND’S at schools, Malls and also Pond’s Beauty Class Training and Final Event • Road show run in Jakarta, Surabaya, Makasar, Palembang, Bandung Medan and Jogjakarta • Beauty Class Training arrange at Femina Group Function Hall Room, FAW provide all need for the training, booths and also decoration of the room • Big Bang Event arrange at Plaza Semanggi, Pond’s as the main sponsor providing face treatment area and Fortune Teller Consultation Booth

  33. Dove Moment of Truth (continued road show, photo exhibition and initiation moment) • In search of the real Dove Hair Next TVC Model, FAW continuing the road show promo invitation to last 2 cities of plan to invite all Indonesian women to dare to show their truly hair looks in the morning, runs in Jogjakarta and Surabaya • All entries from various link squeeze into 40 women and arranged in a quarantine for Photo Session at Sultan Hotel • The photographs exhibit at PIM2 Skywalk area • The Winner Initiation held at Four Seasons Hotel with 5 Wanita as the entertainment session

  34. Year of 2009

  35. Pond’s Beauty Class 2008 - 2009 • Road Show Event to educate Pond’s Target User about Integrated Total Beauty • Runs in 5 Cities with 30 schools of road show event for each Cities and one final Mall Big Bang per city • Education use some media, such as Training Class, Computer Games, Facial room, Make Up Class, Fashion and Aura Improvement • Running in Jakarta, Bandung, Jogja, Medan and Surabaya

  36. Dove Finding Your Hairmates • As the Launching Moment of Dove HairFall Theraphy System, Dove Shampoo arrange its campaign “Dove Finding Your Hairmates” to find the new Dove Shampoo Testimonial TVC Talent • The activation campaign, runs in various media, such as Press Conference Event, Women's Seminar in Malang, Makasar, Jogja, Solo, Cirebon and Medan, Using Web Site as the entries gate, PO Box and FACEBOOK social website • FAW also develop a multi media games which upload to Dove Finding Your Hairmates WEBSITE (which also develop and maintain by FAW)

  37. Paddle Pop PYRATA Movie • For Paddle Pop Ice Cream Thematic Campaign, the brand produce a animation movie called “PYRATA” • Arrange as “NontonBareng” Event at blitzmegaplexJakarta and Bandung, this activation try to bring the new experience in watching movie, by giving the interactive “operet” before the movie played • Audience can also involve in Paddle Pop mission by winning the war with Shadow Master and use some property to help Paddle Pop Lion to fight his enemies • Arrange with schools road show as the invitation and ticket spreading

  38. Paddle Pop PYRATA Mall Big Bang • Continued from Paddle Pop Pyrata Movie, PPL Pyrata Mall Big Bang brings the theme of adventure as the umbrella of Paddle Pop Campaign in Jakarta, Bandung and Surabaya • Some adventure games, which related to pirates theme, developed in those 3 Malls and kids can play all of those “motoric” an adventurer games and the prizes

  39. LUX Foamphoria • Lux Beauty Shower with Lux Beauty Puff, represent the “Less Is More” theme of the campaign, we develop a unique Fashion Design Competition to 4 famous fashion design schools, using LUX Beauty Puff as the main Material, plus 3 others materials • FAW cooperate with IchwanThoha as fashion consultant of the competition, do the road show invitation, select all design entries and develop one of FAW master piece activation for LUX Beauty Shower in Jakarta (MTA) and Bandung (BIP)

  40. Pond’s Teens Concert 2009 - Promo Road Show • In order to promote Pond’s Teens Concert, we conduct a road show to schools in Jakarta, Surabaya and Medan • Activities including sales & face treatment for students, with regards to the events, we also sell tickets and memorabilia of Pond’s Teens Concert • At the Concert Big Bang Event in each city, we also arrange a booth that can generate activities such as sales, face treatment, fortune teller as the gimmick and also exhibition of students creativities

  41. GebyarWisata Nusantara • An Exhibition Event with “Departemen Pariwisata dan Kebudayaan Indonesia” Held on Jakarta Convention Centre in Mei 2009

  42. Year of 2010

  43. Paddle Pop KombateiNontonBareng • Conducted in three major cities in Java i.e. Jakarta, Bandung and Surabaya • We transform a stadium/hall/auditorium into a theater with lighting to get the ambiance of the film. • Some performance act (effect) were conduct during the film such as a blast of shuriken when the film show the scene of ninja, snowflakes to support the scene whenever Ice cream Walls appears as a hero and any other effects • Outside of theater, wee arrange some games for children to play. Games refer some scenes in the movie

  44. Paddle Pop Kombatei Mall Big Bang • Conducted in three cities, Jakarta, Bandung & Surabaya, takin place in malls. • We set up a venue as a playground base on theme of the movie • Games are refer to some scenes of the movie • Thousands of children enjoy the activities easily as we set the system to make them as convenient (and save) as possible • Gimmicks were given base on achievement in each games

  45. Pond’s Beauty Class 2010 • Following a success of Pond’s Beauty Class 1 & 2 (before it called Pond’s Beautylogy), PBC 2010 has an ambitious target (massive target), number of schools and target were increase rapidly • Main objective is to educate girls about how to get 360 beauty • We develop a computer games program and give the an integrated lessons about beauty • Also bring the competition spirit, PBC try to give the girls a good lesson in a fun way

  46. Paddle Pop @ KidFest 2010 • To support Kid Film Festival, Paddle Pop as the major sponsor open some activities in the area at Pacific Place Jakarta • Exhibition of Transformation of Paddle Pop Theme exhibit in a venue with a narration about the story. We manage to develop a narrator machine • Games from previous activities taking place in the other set of venue

  47. Pond’s Teens Concert 2010 – Promo Road Show • Following the success of the first Pond’s Teens Concert, the second PTC conducted with a bigger concept of the road show promo and the concert itself • We develop a musical customize games to bring the hype during the road show promo and the concert

  48. Pond’s Age Miracle Fabulous Lady • In cooperation with Nova Magazine, we conduct a road show to several places with objective to educate women in late 20s up to early 30s, about the important of awareness about anti aging • Sales objective is to generate target market to join Pond’s Fabulous Lady Club

  49. Citra Bar Soap – Launching Series • In order to introduce a new product of Citra, we conduct activities at the same time in 3 cities i.e. Jakarta, Bandung 7 Surabaya • In a day we perform an mini flashmob in several meeting point/transportation/public area were conduct to give sample of Citra Bar Soap • We develop an activation jingle for this launching moment • FAW also do the short movie editing to present on the Press Conference of the product

  50. Citra Bar Soap – LayarTancep • In cooperation with a film launching of “Menebus Impian”, Citra Bar Soap conduct a road show in several secondary cities. • A “Layar Tancep” concept were taking considering the target market of Citra Market, i.e. C,D Class