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Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management. Managing Work and Job Analysis. How do you make work like play?. ? ? ? ? ? ?. Job Characteristics Model. Core Job Dimensions. Critical Psychological States. Personal and Work Outcomes. Meaningful Work. Skill Variety Task Identity Task Significance.

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Human Resource Management

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  1. Human Resource Management Managing Work and Job Analysis

  2. How do you make work like play? • ? • ? • ? • ? • ? • ?

  3. Job Characteristics Model Core Job Dimensions Critical Psychological States Personal and Work Outcomes Meaningful Work Skill Variety Task Identity Task Significance High Internal Motivation High Quality Performance Outcomes Autonomy High Work Satisfaction Knowledge Low Absenteeism Feedback Strength of Employee Growth Need Source: Hackman & Oldham, 1975

  4. Job Enlargement • Job Rotation • Job Enrichment • Team-Based Job Designs

  5. Job Analysis • Job Description • Job Specifications

  6. Job Analysis • Methods • Interviews • Observations • Diaries • Questionnaires • Qualitative vs. Quantitative • Pluses/Minuses

  7. Job Analysis Uses • Legal Compliance • Recruitment/Selection • Performance Appraisal • Compensation • Training/development

  8. What’s in a Job Desription? • Elements of a job description • Identification Information • Job Summary • Job Duties and Responsibilities • Job Specifications (KSAs) • Minimum Qualifications

  9. Job Analysis Techniques • DOT – A starting point http://www.occupationalinfo.org/ • Task Inventory Analysis • -knowledge, skills, abilities (KSAs) • Interview, survey, KSA matrix • CIT – Critical Incident Technique • -generate dimensions • -generate incidents (performance levels) • -retranslate • -assign effectiveness values

  10. Job Analysis Techniques –Quantitative Approach • Position Analysis Questionnaire (PAQ) http://www.paq.com/ • 194 items • Information input • Mental processes • Work output • Relationships with others • Job context • Other characteristics

  11. Other Quantitative Approaches • Professional and Managerial Position Questionnaire (PMPQ) • Standardized questionnaire • For professional & managerial jobs • http://www.paq2.com/pmpqmain.html • http://online.onetcenter.org/

  12. Job Analysis Techniques • Functional Job Analysis • Relationship to people, data, and things • Methods/techniques to perform job • Machines, tools, equipment used • Materials, projects, services produced • Management Position Description Questionnaire (MPDQ)

  13. Job Description • Job Summary • Job Duties and Responsibilities • Job Specifications and Minimum Qualifications • KSAs • Minimum Qualifications

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