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How Athletes May Avoid Spine Injury? PowerPoint Presentation
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How Athletes May Avoid Spine Injury?

How Athletes May Avoid Spine Injury?

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How Athletes May Avoid Spine Injury?

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  2. All the athletes, from weekend warriors to proficient sportsperson, are at more risk for neck or spine injury. Improper lifting, excessive strain especially in the lumbar spine or low back, is not uncommon for athletes that can cause severe back pain. However, it is not possible to ensure complete prevention, but here are 5 things athletes may avoid spine injury while doing spine care. Proper Stretching and Warm-Up: Performing proper stretching and warm-up before the practice session increases the circulation of blood and improves the flexibility of ligaments and muscles. It does not only prevent injuries but enhance sports performance. Use Proper Equipment: Well, every sport has the risk of injury; using proper equipment reduces the chance of injury. You should wear well designed and supported shoes to avoid getting muscle strain while playing your favorite sport. Apart from shoes, you should wear other equipment such as helmet, knee pads, face guard, eyewear, and protective cup.

  3. Avoid Overdoing It: When you do repeated movements, it causes damages to various body parts especially the spine, knees, and shoulder. Thus, it is important to take proper rest during practice sessions and games. Perform stretching and lift weights with their correct techniques or take a lesson to ensure that you are doing it correctly. Stretch Your Hamstrings: One of the causes of spine injury is tight hamstrings. You should perform simple hamstring stretching exercises to decrease the excess pressure on your pelvis that provides relief. Some hamstring stretches are also effective in relieving leg pain that is commonly associated with certain spine problems. Follow A Healthy Lifestyle: Apart from using proper equipment or avoiding doing operated movements, you should adopt a healthy lifestyle that helps you improve your overall health. You should take plenty of rest, have a low-fat diet, avoid excessive consumption of alcohol, and opt for regular medical checkups.

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