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Research Titles Appointments and Advancements PowerPoint Presentation
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Research Titles Appointments and Advancements

Research Titles Appointments and Advancements

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Research Titles Appointments and Advancements

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  1. Research TitlesAppointments and Advancements January 15, 2014

  2. Agenda • Resources • Who and where • Research Titles Overview • Specialist • Project Scientist • Professional Research • Visiting appointments • Appointments • Search requirements and process • Visa Issues • Reappointments • Advancements • Postdoctoral Scholars

  3. Academic Personnel Contacts Joanna All departments and ORUs Karen Social Sciences, Education, Creative Studies, Humanities and Fine Arts (except those listed below) Viktoriya Physical Sciences, Bren School, Engineering, Depts. of Art, History of Art and Architecture, Theater and Dance, MATP

  4. Web Resources Red Binder- campus Academic Personnel policies and procedures Academic Personnel Manual (APM) – systemwide Academic Personnel policies and procedures Salary Scales Forms All online

  5. Research Titles • Temporary Appointments • Fiscal Year Basis • No Teaching Component • Funding sources must permit research

  6. Specialist Series(RB III-16) • “Academic appointees who assist in research in specialized areas and who do not have any teaching responsibility” • Junior and Assistant levels: enables research as part of a team • Associate and Full levels: provides considerable independent input into the planning and execution of research • No Ph.D. required

  7. Project Scientist Series(RB III-14) • “Those who make significant and creative contributions to a research or creative project” • Higher level of independence than Specialist series • Independent research and/or research leadership not required • Ph.D. required

  8. Professional Research Series(RB III-12) • “Those who engage in independent research equivalent to that required for the Professor series” • “Continuous and effective engagement in independent and creative activity of high quality and significance” • Review requirements the same as Professor series (i.e., mandatory review, 8 year limit) • Never on state funding

  9. Visiting Appointments(RB III-23) • Research or Project Scientist series only • Two year maximum; usually shorter • Usually holds similar position somewhere else • Salary must be at least minimum of rank

  10. Without Salary Visitors(RB III-25) • Short-term educational, research, or other academic projects under a supervision of an academic appointee • Visiting Scholar (3299) Visiting Undergrad (3731) Visiting Grad (3739) • Up to one year, reappointments rare • Not employees, no compensation via payroll • WOS Visitor Form Letter

  11. Approval Authority All Titles, All Actions AVC for Academic Personnel WOS Research Visitor Chair/Director; AP Post-Audit

  12. Search Requirements(RB VII-1) • Open Recruitment Policy: • Required for any position that is 50% or more of full time and for more than one academic or calendar year • If initial appointment does not require search based on above, but reappointment or modification makes the appointment meet the criteria, must do a search

  13. Exemptions & Exceptions(RB VII-1) • Exemption (automatically granted): • If appointee is the PI or co-PI on the contract/grant or is named in the grant • Without salary appointments • Postdoctoral Scholars • Visiting titles • Exceptions (must be approved), aka EORs: • Unexpected circumstances (illness, leave) • Spousal or domestic partner hire (of a senate faculty member) • Unique fit to the position (nobody else can do the job) • OEO makes recommendation, AVC approves exceptions

  14. Search Process(RB VII-5) • Prepare the Recruitment Packet- Part I, including a copy of the ad, and get appropriate approvals • Enter recruitment in UC Recruit • Process applications and interview • Screen applicants and select finalists to be brought to campus for interviews • Complete the Recruitment Packet-Part III and get appropriate approvals • Submit the Recruitment Packet with the appointment paperwork

  15. Questions about search requirements Elizabeth Rogers Office of Equal Opportunity x3294

  16. Visa issues • Four things to find out: • Nationality • Length of stay • Current or past visa status • Appointment details • Title • Percent time • Pay rate

  17. Questions about Visa issues Office of International Students and Scholars Tanya Plant x2354 (Employment/Visa issues) Billy Ko x2211 (J-1 visas) Accounting Sona Baboolal x3259 (Tax questions)

  18. Appointments and Reappointments • Initial appointment • New appointment (or after a break in service) • Transition into a new title in research series (except from researcher to lower series) • Online for Researchers, on paper for all others • Reappointment • Extension of existing appointment • Renewal of funding • Use Temporary Academic Appointment Form letter • On paper for all research titles

  19. Contents of a case- Appointment(RB III-7) • Departmental Letter or Temporary Academic Appointment form letter • External letters and other related items • Publications • UCSB Biography form and CV • Recruitment Packet or EOR approval

  20. Departmental Letter /Appointment Form Letter • Fill in sections I and II completely • Note exceptions (L) • Make sure salary is correct and on current scale • Section “M”—especially if moving from represented to non-represented appointment • “N” and “O” should be analytical and evaluative, and completed by member, not by staff • If external evaluators refer to by coded list only • For online submission use memo format, summary of form letter items

  21. External Letters • Requirements vary by title: • Researcher, required at Associate, Full appointment • Project Scientist “desirable” at Associate, Full appointment • Sample letters (RB I-49) with wording modified as appropriate for research title (RB III-12) • Confidentiality requirements (RB I-49) • Statement • Redaction and access since not yet an employee • Identification in departmental letter • List of evaluators, copy of sample letter (RB I-49)

  22. Other items in appt. case • Publications • Representative sampling for Research series (one-of-a-kinds) • UCSB Bio-form and CV • No set format for CV • UCSB Bio-form • Search Paperwork • Academic Recruitment Packet, or approved exception to open recruitment must be included if required by policy

  23. Reappointment • Temporary Appointment Form Letter (only section 1 is needed) • Modification: for changes in items F, G

  24. Eligibility for Advancement • “Normal” eligibility- routine reviews • Based on the salary scales and policy • 6 months or more in fiscal year=1 year of service • Tracking eligibility • Off-scale salaries (RB I-8) • Not allowed in Specialist series • Maintained in routine cases

  25. Types of Advancement • Regular Merit • Accelerations • Justification • No set measures • Kinds of acceleration • In years • In salary • Mixed • Promotion • Special Steps • “No Change” Decisions

  26. Types of Advancement • Promotion to Associate (RB III-8, III) • Research series • 8 year limit as Asst. • Time off the clock • Project Scientist & Specialist • Promotion to Full (RB III-8, IV) • Research series • Project Scientist & Specialist • Special Steps (RB III-8, V) • Asst Researcher V, Assoc Researcher IV • Asst Project Scientist V, Assoc Project Scientist IV

  27. Types of Advancement: Research series • Mandatory Review (RB III- 8, VII) • Every 5 years • No deferral • Terminal Appointment (RB III-8, VI; I-39) • Merit to Researcher VI (RB III-8, VIII) • Career review • Merit to or within Above Scale (RB III-8, IX) • Career review

  28. Advancement Deadlines • All actions are effective July 1 • Specialist & Project Scientist • April 1 to Office of Academic Personnel • Hard deadline; exceptions rare • Researcher • March 1 to Office of Academic Personnel—ORUs • March 1 to Dean’s office—Academic Departments • Hard deadline; exceptions rare • Need for internal deadlines for submission

  29. Deferrals • Specialist & Project Scientist ok at any time • Assistant Researcher- • Non-submission of material causes automatic deferral • No deferral of 8th year review • Associate Researcher and Researcher – notification • Non-submission of material in other than mandatory reviews causes automatic deferral. • No deferral of mandatory review

  30. Contents of a case- Advancement(RB III-9) • Online Case/Research Title Review Form • Departmental Letter • Bio-bib required; updated CV optional • External letters and other related items • Publications • Safeguard Statement

  31. Case Summary/Research Title Review Form • Red Binder III-4 • Summarizes content of case and recommendation • Statement of departmental vote or review procedure

  32. Departmental letter • Analytical evaluation of the case • Explain any accelerations, negative recommendations or special circumstances • Identify external evaluators by code only

  33. Bio-Bibliography and Publications • Bio-Bib must follow format in Red Binder • Research • Cumulative (others since last review) • oldest = lowest number • Changes since last review • Publications numbered to match bio-bib • All, or representative sampling of publications depending on case type and series

  34. External Letters • Requirements vary by title: • Researcher, required for promo to Associate or Full • Project Scientist “desirable” for promotion to Associate or Full • Sample letters (RB I-46) with wording modified as appropriate for research title • Confidentiality requirements • Statement • Redaction and access for employees • Identification in departmental letter • List of evaluators, copy of sample letter

  35. Safeguard Statement • For all merit or promotion actions • Not used for initial appointment at University. • Assures candidate rights • Follows steps outlined in “Departmental Checklist for Academic Advancement” RB I-22

  36. Postdoctoral Scholars • Employed in a full-time training program of advanced academic preparation and research training under the mentorship of a faculty member • Payroll title of Postdoctoral Scholar: • Employee • Fellow • Paid Direct • Note: policies apply equally to individuals in all three titles • Appointment in a non-Postdoc title is grievable if relationship is Postdoctoral in nature

  37. A Postdoc or not?Postdoctoral Scholar Classification A Postdoctoral Scholar • A program of mentorship and training • Five years or less since PhD • Initial appointment of at least one year • Appointment is 100% time Not A Postdoctoral Scholar • Support position on research team • Independent researcher • Short term visitor • Appointment is part time

  38. Appointment/Reappointment Process • All steps take place prior to hire date • Department/PI has preliminary conversations with the Postdoc • Department submits hiring request to Graduate Division 30 days prior to start date • Graduate Division approves appointment • Department sends offer letter/notice of appointment to the Postdoctoral Scholar (30 days prior for reappointment) • Postdoctoral Scholar signs and returns the notice, copy goes to Graduate Division • Department enters employee into PPS

  39. Exceptions • Less than 100% for a limited time if: • Also holding a teaching title (Lecturer) • At the employee’s request • Note that this is used for reduced effort, not for reducing pay • More than five years since PhD conferred • Need reasonable justification • Total limit of services no more than 6 years

  40. Reviews & Mentoring • Annual Review/Evaluation • Must be done in writing every 12 months and included with reappointment request • Sample form available on Graduate Division web site • Individual Development Plan • Includes Postdoc’s general individual research goals, professional development and career objectives, developed by Postdoc and discussed with PI • Progress Assessments • Evaluation of the Postdocs progress and accomplishment in research & professional development

  41. Minimum Salary

  42. Campus Contacts for Postdocs Graduate Division: Melanie Hoven,, x4652 Labor Relations: Staci Richards,, x4669 Benefits: Mayra Magana,, x4263 Academic Personnel: Karen Moreno x5429 Viktoriya Filippova x5428 Cindy Doherty x8332