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HYDROPOWER. Economic Electricity Producing Hydrokinetic Technologies. ABSTRACT.

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  1. HYDROPOWER Economic Electricity Producing Hydrokinetic Technologies

  2. ABSTRACT Hydropower (from hydro, meaning water) is energy that comes from the force of moving water. The fall and movement of water is part of a continuous natural cycle called the water cycle. Energy from the sun evaporates water in the Earth’s oceans and rivers and draws it upward as water vapor. When the water vapor reaches the cooler air in the atmosphere, it condenses and forms clouds. The moisture eventually falls to the Earth as rain or snow, replenishing the water in the oceans and rivers. Gravity drives the water, moving it from high ground to low ground. The force of moving water can be extremely powerful. Hydropower is called a renewable energy source because the water on Earth is continuously replenished by precipitation. As long as the water cycle continues, we won’t run out of this energy source

  3. Sources of Energy • Renewable Sources 1) Land 2) Air 3) Sky 4) Fire 5) Water • Non Renewable Sources

  4. What is Hydropower and Why there is its need ??? • MEANING: • HISTORY: • CURRENT SITUATION:




  8. Some Hydropower Projects in INDIA

  9. Top10 largest Hydropower Projects AROUND THE GLOBE

  10. Some New Researches And Technologies in this field • Wing Waves • America’s Premiere Wave Power Farm • Aquamarine Power • Osmotic Power Plant  • Studying Sea Waves with Radar • Push Plates • Hydrokinetic Power Barges • Renewable Energy From Slow Water Currents • Agucadoura

  11. Wave power • AWS' Archimedes Wave Swing, one of the few proven technologies worldwide for generating clean, renewable electricity from the ocean's waves.This leads to a technology which aims to establish Scotland as a world leader in marine energy.

  12. Wing Waves - Power from SEA

  13. Advantages of Wing Waves • Clean and green way and also useful in desalinizing of sea water • Protects sea life • Power can be used on land directly by transferring cables from sea to land • Proper maintenance could lead the life of wings up to 20 yrs. • The wings will operate and generate power even if the sea is a bit calm . • The wings will get locked automatically during hurricanes, when the sea is rough

  14. Wave Power Farm

  15. Aquamarine Power

  16. Osmotic Power Plant

  17. Radar • Used in the predictions of direction of winds and formations of waves. • Also could be used in the production of electricity utilizing the wind energy.

  18. Push Plates • The Theme of Concept: Theme of concept is to harness the kinetic energy within the flow of water without using the conventional methods like water wheel or other types of turbines. With some changes this can be a source of producing clean energy from tidal waves.

  19. Hydrokinetic Power Barges • Hydrokinetic energy which generates power by using submerged or partially submerged turbines that harness the energy from flowing water -- is on the rise throughout the world . • Because hydrokinetic power generation relies simply on the extraction of energy from the natural velocity of water, these power systems can be placed into sources of flowing water with minimal infrastructure or environmental impacts.

  20. Slow Water Currents-Fish technology • It is a device that acts like a fish that turns the potentially destructive vibrations in water into clean, renewable energy. This machine is named as VIVACE ( Vortex Induced Vibrations for Aquatic Clean Energy)

  21. Agucadoura • Portugal built Agucadoura, the world's first wave farm off its coast. This wave farm has three Wave Energy Converterswhich are producing a total of 2.25MW.

  22. REFERENCES Internet Hydraulic Mechanics and machines-R.K BANSAL Hydraulics Machine – S.l.Dixion Hydraulics by - P.K.Nag

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