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Hydropower. By: Jason Kopco, Michael Maloof and, Madelyn Brindza 7A. Who came up with the idea of hydropower?.

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  1. Hydropower By: Jason Kopco, Michael Maloof and, Madelyn Brindza 7A

  2. Who came up with the idea of hydropower? Lester Allan Pelton is believed to have invented the idea of using water to create electricity or hydropower. Lester was born in Vermillion, Ohio in the year of 1829. He later immigrated to California to become part of the gold rush. Lester Allan Pelton died when he was 78 years old.

  3. Some Advantages of Hydropower • Once a dam is constructed, electricity can be produced at a constant rate. • The lake’s water can be used for irrigation purposes. • When in use, electricity produced by dam systems don’t produce green house gases. • hydropower doesn’t pollute the atmosphere.

  4. More Advantages of Hydropower • Dams are designed to last many decades and can contribute to the making of electricity for many years or decades. • The lake that forms behind the dam can safely be used for sports and pleasure activities. • Dams often attract many tourists witch contributes to money for keeping the dam clean. • There are no waste by-products produced by hydropower.

  5. Hydropower Disadvantages • The flooding of large areas of land can destroy the natural setting. • Dams are extremely expensive to build and maintain. • People must be removed from their homes and businesses' so that a dam can be placed their. • Dams in the past have broken under the weight of the water and flooded the surrounding areas and killed people.

  6. More Disadvantages of hydropower • Building dams can cause serious damage. For example, the Hoover Dam has caused many earthquakes. • Dams that are built blocking the progress of a river in one country usually means that the water supply from the same river in the following country is uncontrollable. • In the U.S. hydropower is produced for an average of 85¢ per kilowatt-hour. • Hydropower requires water so, you can’t just put it anywhere; you need a river.

  7. The Hoover Dam Hoover Dam Spillway Powerhouse Penstocks Gate Outlet Gate Outlet

  8. Top Hydroelectric Generating Countries The top country is Canada producing over 300 billion kilowatts. The United States come in second with just over 250 billion kilowatts. One of the lowest producing countries is France.

  9. Hydropower is used for… • Generating electricity, • Controlling flooding, • Deepen waterways for shipping, • And the collection of drinking water.

  10. http://videos.howstuffworks.com/discovery/7143-china-three-gorges-dam-videohttp://videos.howstuffworks.com/discovery/7143-china-three-gorges-dam-video • http://videos.howstuffworks.com/discovery/7143-china-three-gorges-dam-video Three Gorges Dam Video http://videos.howstuffworks.com/discovery/7143-china-three-gorges-dam-video

  11. Movie Trivia! Q: How long is the Yangzi River? A: More than 3,900 miles long. Q: How high and long is the Three Gorges Dam A:610 feet high and 1.3 miles long. Q: When the dam reaches full capacity what percent of China’s electricity will it produce? A: 10 percent.

  12. How is hydropower renewed, created, and stored? • Hydropower is gathered by dams and water wheels which are moved by a flowing stream of water. • Hydropower is renewed by annual rainfall which is in the water cycle. • Hydropower is stored or later used by using hydropower plants that harness the kinetic energy of water as it cascades through the dams.

  13. Hydropower Poll • 93 percent of America's registered voters voted yes about hydropower playing an important role in future energy production. • 89 percent if the voters, voted in favor of the use of Hydropower. All polling references were taken from Public Opinion Surveys with Registered Voters.

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