self discovery through the global financial crisis n.
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Self Discovery through the Global Financial Crisis PowerPoint Presentation
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Self Discovery through the Global Financial Crisis

Self Discovery through the Global Financial Crisis

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Self Discovery through the Global Financial Crisis

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  1. Self Discovery through the Global Financial Crisis

  2. Global Financial Crisis A disruptions in the financial markets Loss of confidence in the financial institutions Flow of money is constrained Economy contracts

  3. Global Financial Crisis 24 American Banks failed in 2008 To date, 72more failed this year 305 Banks on the troubled list as at May 2009 Result is the worst global recession since the great depression 60 years ago Businesses collapse Loss of employment around the world (20 mil by 2010) Savings are destroyed

  4. Global Financial Crisis "Nobody thought this might happen. Things can go wrong. But the number of things that have gone wrong, and the ferocity with which they have gone wrong, I think was beyond the imagination of almost everyone." - Alan Blinder (A former deputy Chairman of the US Federal Reserve)

  5. Self Discovery Process of knowing who we are Discovering what our true potential is Human values present a pathway to self discovery Deviation from this results in suffering (crisis)

  6. Causes of GFC Ego and excessive body consciousness Pursuit of sensual pleasures and material possessions Desire for immediate gains Unhealthy Competition Panic and Herding effect Loss of discrimination End result is a crisis

  7. Causes of GFC “The human animal is so smart it can invent the infinitely complex global financial system we've seen tottering before us, but also so emotionally flighty that it can't operate such a system without doing great damage to itself.” – Ross Gittins SMH Economic Editor

  8. Causes of GFC Asset Price Bubble Fuelled by Sub prime loans Complex financial Instruments Appetite for risk Financial incentives for taking risks on other people’s money Highly leveraged Banks in the US and Europe

  9. Opportunities • Truth • Self knowledge • Purpose of Life “Whatever you seek in the external world is present within you. There is nothing outside that is not within. ” – SathyaSai Baba

  10. Opportunities • Right Conduct • Body is temporary • Ceiling on Desires • Money is capable of leading man to any place good or bad • Follow the dictates of our conscience instead of the vagaries of the mind “The heart is like a lock and the mind is like a key. If you turn the key to the right, you open the heart to God; if you turn it to the left, you turn it towards attachment to worldly things.” - SathyaSaiBaba

  11. Opportunities • Peace • Truth and Right conduct lead to inner peace • Inner peace leads to outer peace

  12. Opportunities Why should you have fear or sorrow, with the Lord installed in the altar of your heart? Do you not know He is there, guarding you and guiding you? He is in all beings, at all times. Endeavour to remember this fact whatever you may be doing, whoever you may be contacting, in whatever manner. You will succeed in this, provided you do not give up the recitation of His Name. - SathyaSai Baba

  13. Opportunities • Love • Self acceptance • Service • Social Consciousness “Love is your true nature. Nothing can really exist in this world without love. You are an embodiment of love. Forgetting this reality, you are craving for mundane things. What you have to aspire for, what you have to experience and enjoy in this world is love and love alone. Other than love, nothing is permanent.” – SathyaSai Baba

  14. Opportunities • Non Violence • Cooperation with the rest of the world • Sharing of resources and knowledge • Non violation of the nature Law “There is a Moral Law governing the Universe.”  - Mahatma Gandhi

  15. And Finally... “God is all-pervasive. It is a great mistake to forget the all-pervasive God and get immersed in mundane, ephemeral pleasures. You may not get this human birth again. So work for the redemption of your life by chanting the divine name. Offer yourself to God. That is the goal of your life.” - SathyaSai Baba