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The Middle Ages PowerPoint Presentation
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The Middle Ages

The Middle Ages

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The Middle Ages

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  1. The Middle Ages

  2. Castles Castles were the homes of only the richest people such as kings, queens, and knights. They were meant for protection more than comfort. There were moats surrounding the castles and drawbridges to get over them. They had walls ten feet thick!

  3. Knights Knights were the people who fought in wars for their kings. The knights were like the army men from nowadays. Knights had to take a special test to see if they could become a knight. They were also known to be chivalrous which mans to be kind to each and every woman so you would need to lay down your coat or jacket if a lady needed to cross a puddle.

  4. People Of The Middle Ages Kings and queens were at the highest ranking . They were like the presidents of their country, except way more unfair. Knights were the warriors of the castle. They were usually very wealthy. Monks were the leaders of the church. Serfs were very poor and were abused by the king by taxes.

  5. Cathedrals Cathedrals were a huge church in the Middle Ages. They were meant to hold hundreds of people. Cathedrals took generations to build. Some even had spires 330 feet above the ground! It was built by a man named main craftsmen.

  6. Weaponry of the Middle Ages Weaponry played a big role in the Middle Ages. There were so many wars that weaponry was being made 24-7. The blacksmiths were getting rich of the knights buying swords and battle axes. Some types of weaponry in the Middle Ages were a sword, a battle axe, and bows.