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Quality of life

Seminar 3 Jaroslav Biolek. Quality of life. Your new identity. Presentation , introduction What is your name , gender, age , occupation , nationality , religion, social position , marital status…

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Quality of life

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  1. Seminar 3 Jaroslav Biolek Qualityoflife

  2. Yournew identity • Presentation, introduction • Whatisyourname, gender, age, occupation, nationality, religion, social position, marital status… • What affects your quality of life the most? • Influences of culture, religion, family relations... • Are you happy? Are yousatisfiedwithyourlife (being)? Whatisyourmeaning of life?

  3. Yourqualityoflife • Concentrate on their quality of life • Think of how to improvetheir quality of life, howcantheychangetheirlives to besatisfied • Giveadvices to others • Isitrealizable? Couldwe tell theothernationshowcanthey live better?

  4. 3rd homework • Chooseyourortheother person‘s culture background andtry to thinkwhatfactors are the most importantfortheinhabitants of this country • Writethiscontemplationfromyour point of view on a half of pageand insert intoodevzdavarna) • Readthe text aboutthe quality of life meta-conceptsunderliningwhatisreallyimportant

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