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Gain Customers Consistently (Part 2) PowerPoint Presentation
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Gain Customers Consistently (Part 2)

Gain Customers Consistently (Part 2)

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Gain Customers Consistently (Part 2)

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  1. Gain Customers Consistently (Part 2) Clare Whalley Meta4 Business Coaching

  2. What we’ll cover • How to Create Consistent Marketing • Creating Memorable Content

  3. Let’s talk about… Marketing Plans • Many business owners do not have a marketing plan – but you will now have one if you completed Module #7! Here we will develop upon that and add more meat to the bone! • Many business owners are scared of the word marketing. Thinking it has to be a) Perfect B) Thorough and C) Written and developed like an expert • This is the best way to approach marketing, with: “Marketing is really just • about sharing your passion” - Michael Hyatt • How can I do this consistently • Knowledge, • Passion / Enthusiasm • So, this is how we are going to approach your marketing plan today – with ease – what can you commit to with consistency, sharing the stuff you know about and the stuff you love knowing about! • Remember this:

  4. Marketing Methods You may wish to refer back to Module #4 Gaining Customers in the Short Term and The Light Bulb Marketing Methods (Do.It.Now) Here are some marketing methods you may wish to use. I would suggest 5-7 methods is a good place to start: Paid and Organic SEO Free Downloads / Resources Vlogging Networking Website Social Media Platforms: 1) LinkedIn 2) Twitter 3) Pinterest 4) Instagram 5) Facebook Exhibitions / Conferences Testimonials: Video Written Audible E-Newsletters Blogging Podcast Leaflets Business Cards Service Marketing Campaigns Talks / Speaker Events Advertisements Editorials / Press Releases Word of Mouth /Referrals Case Studies

  5. Create themes in your marketing – What do you want to become known for? Advising, guiding, helping, sharing, being the go to… #createamemorablehashtag #WhatWouldClareDo #BeMoreKate #Choose-Day . Let’s dive into Content ALWAYS create a CTA – Call To Action. What do you want your potential ideal client to do as a result of reading, watching, listening to your stuff? Let’s focus on creating one great: Blog post, Social Media post, Vlog using this easy to follow structure..

  6. Structure your Content 1) Name your clients specific and tangible problem E.G You are feeling out of control in your business due to lack of time to focus on your business 2) Highlight the TRUTH about your clients problem (what other aspects of their life and business gets impacted, what are the consequences if the problem/s doesn’t get solved? e.g. Because you feel out of control you are feeling stressed in your home life too and your family aren’t get the time, focus and attention you want which is causing additional pressure. 3) Share a story about the problem e.g. I once worked with a business owner who was feeling so out of control with elements of their business she started suffering with major physical symptoms of stress. She ran a beauty salon, let’s call her Jane, and she was eventually referred to a specialist clinic and had to take 8 weeks off her business in order to address the physical symptom and fully recover. 4) Give a High-Level solution 5) Tell them what to do (optional) CTA (Call to Action)

  7. Create Consistent Marketing Marketing should be fun! • Find methods that you enjoy and can get good at • Use the Magic Marketing exercise to get clarity (Module #4) • Use the Daily Accountability Sheet • Keep your Ideal Client profile to hand – always refer back to it! • Track your engagement – what times, days, types of posts are working?

  8. Next Steps: • Block out time each month (or each quarter) to map out your marketing for the time period ahead. • Keep inspired – be looking out for new, fresh marketing methods to incorporate into your plan • Keep a notebook available to brain dump your social media, blog post etc ideas. Pick them up when the time is right to post