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Main religions, similarities between the religions PowerPoint Presentation
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Main religions, similarities between the religions

Main religions, similarities between the religions

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Main religions, similarities between the religions

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  1. Main religions, similarities between the religions • Judaism, Islam, Christianity and Druze • 76.2% are Jews, and of the non-Jewish population, 68% are Muslims, 9% are Christians and 7% are Druze. • believe in one God (monotheistic), believe that we are the children of Abraham

  2. What should be done about Jerusalem? Controllers of the sectors • Jerusalem should stay open to both countries because it’s known as the religious city, so if only Israel citizens can access Jerusalem, then the Palestine citizens would probably be pretty mad about it. The Palestine citizens wouldn’t be able to worship as much as they can right now if Jerusalem was blocked from them. • The Jordanians control the Jewish quarter, the Israeli government controls the Muslim quarter, Palestine controls the Armenian quarter, and Jerusalem controls the Christian quarter.

  3. What religious claims can each side make towards the land of Israel? What religious obstacles are standing in the way of a peace settlement? • Christianity says that it’s in the bible that Israel is their land. Judaism says that they have too many historical sites for it not to be their land. Islam says the same thing as Judaism. All of this means that Israel couldn’t be the land to Palestine because there are too many sites that are owned by the religions in Israel. • Jerusalem is that main place for Palestinian Islam. The Palestinian Muslims wouldn’t be able to get to their worship place if there was a peace settlement. Palestinian Muslims already have to go through a very tough time to get to Jerusalem to worship. The Jewish settlers form communities of 400,000 people on the border of Palestine and Israel and they are all Israeli citizens, but some call themselves Palestinian Jews. If there was a peace settlement, these Jewish settlers wouldn’t be able to go to whatever state they needed to at the time.

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  5. Terrorism • Is when people use violence to threaten others • Both sides use terrorism • Use car bombs and suicide bomber • Hezbollah is a terrorism origination for Palestinians • Sheikh Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah is the leader of the Hezbollah terrorism group • It was founded in 1982 • Hezbollah uses truck bombing to kill Jews

  6. Terrorism • Mossad is a group that prevents terrorism towards Israel • Israel’s main weapon • Had experience since the past 60 years Kaplan, Eben. "Hezbollah (a.k.a. Hizbollah, Hizbu'llah)." Council on Foreign Relations. Web. 18 Mar. 2011. <>. "Mossad of Israel |" | Your Online Terrorism, World Threats, and Societal Issues Magazine. Web. 20 Mar. 2011. <>.

  7. Leaders of Israel • The president of Israel is ShimonPERES • the prime minister is Binyamin "Bibi" NETANYAHU

  8. The relationship between the U.S. and Israel the U.S. and Israel have had a good relationship sense May 15,1948, within minuets after Israel declared independence past American presidents encouraged by active support from civic groups.

  9. Zionism • The Zionist movement arose to restore the Jews to Israel, largely ignoring the existing Arab population.

  10. PALESTINIAN’S VIEWS ON ISRAEL Most Palestinians want Israel to be completely annihilated because: - It is their home -They were there first -They shouldn’t have to evacuate because other people decide they want to take over HISTORY OF PALESTINE • Palestine became a territory in 1922-1946 • In a 2 year stretch, Palestine lost 50% of its land • In 2000, Palestine lost this much of its land The Hammas vs. The Fatah The Hammas- wants total destruction of Israel The Fatah- respects the idea of having Israel exist

  11. PALESTINIAN ARGUMENT • Palestinians present a fair argument to the issue at hand because: • They’re just asking to at least split Israel so they can both live there • Some of them ask for the elimination of Israel, but not all • It is logical and fair CITATIONS "Brief History of of Palestine, Israel and the Israeli Palestinian Conflict (Arab-Israeli Conflict, Middle East Conflict)." Middle East: MidEastWeb. Web. 21 Mar. 2011. <>. Israeli-Palestinian Web. 21 Mar. 2011. <>. 2009/04/growing-majority-of-americans -oppose-israel-building-settlements/

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