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METROPOLITAN WATER DISTRICT Residential Water Conservation Rebate Program Overview

METROPOLITAN WATER DISTRICT Residential Water Conservation Rebate Program Overview. EGIA IS A RECOGNIZED NATIONAL LEADER IN RESOURCE EFFICIENCY PROGRAM ADMINISTRATION. 25 Years Experience Administering Resource Efficiency Rebate Programs

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METROPOLITAN WATER DISTRICT Residential Water Conservation Rebate Program Overview

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  1. METROPOLITAN WATER DISTRICTResidential Water Conservation Rebate Program Overview

  2. EGIA IS A RECOGNIZED NATIONAL LEADER IN RESOURCE EFFICIENCY PROGRAM ADMINISTRATION • 25 Years Experience Administering Resource Efficiency Rebate Programs • Proven & Battle Tested System That Has Processed Over 2.2 Million Rebates • Secure Funds Management System Distributing Nearly $300 Million in Rebate Payments

  3. EGIA EXPERIENCE WITH SIMILAR REBATE PROGRAM ADMINISTRATION • Bay Area Water Agencies Regional High Efficiency Clothes Washer Rebate Program • Administered Rebate Processing & Call Center Operations For Over 50 Northern California Water Agencies and Sub-Agencies • Administered Multiple Rebate Levels & Integrated Multiple Funding Sources • Administered DWR Matching Funds For Agencies • 2001 – 2003: EGIA Applied For & Awarded $2,190,000 in Matching Funds • 2004 – 2007: EGIA Applied For & Awarded $1,534,000 in Matching Funds • Provided Individual Agency & Aggregated Program Reporting • Developed & Administered Online Consumer Application Processing • Provided Customer Service Call Center Operation • California Statewide Commercial Laundry Program • Rebates Provided For The Installation Of Efficient Clothes Washers Installed In Laundromats, Multi-Family Housing and Hotels/Motels • Delivered To Customers Served By: PG&E, SCE, So. Cal. Gas Company and SDG&E • EGIA Rebate Processing Services Include: • Direct Mail, Fax and Online Application Processing • Multi-Utility Coordination • Online Reporting and Access To Program Files For Participating Agencies • Integrated Electric/ Water Rebate Processing

  4. RESOURCE SOLUTIONS GROUP A Proven Leader In Resource Efficiency Strategic Marketing & Consumer Outreach • Provide Resource Efficiency Consulting Services Through: • Awareness • Action • Sustainability • Key Services Are Strategic Planning, Technical Support, Strategic Communications • Leadership Team Offers 60+ Years Combined Experience • Southern California Edison • A/C Quality Program • Provide strategic communications, content development (marketing materials and website), upstream – industry outreach services • Identify market barriers facing contractors • Develop program design moving market towards comprehensive design, quality installation, ongoing maintenance model • Implement customer education (website, direct mail, promotional campaigns, cooperative marketing with industry) • U.S. EPA, DOE – ENERGY STAR; • Flex Your Power • Liaison and coordinator for national retailer and manufacturer relationships • Established good working relationships with industry • Increased participation, motivators to produce and sell qualified products • Coordinated with retailers to raise visibility through special promotions and permanent changes

  5. REBATE PROCESSING & PAYMENT Online Application Processing • Customers Can Apply For Rebates Online 24 Hours/ Day or Mail-in The Rebate Application - With Prior EGIA Administered Water Efficiency Programs, When Given A Choice 35% of Customers Preferred Online Application Submittal • 24/7 Online Web Service To Enable Customers To Check On Their Rebate Status Rebate Check Distribution • MWD Program Branded Checks Issued To Participating Customers • Sponsoring Agency Referenced With Tailored Messaging On The Check Register Call Center Operations • Dedicated 800# For Easy Customer Access • Bi-lingual Customer Services Representatives • Call Records Maintained On All Customer Inquiries Customer Account & Measure Verification • Verify That All Customers Applying For Rebates Are Eligible • Verify Product Purchased/ Installed Is A Qualifying Measure • Track Lifetime Water Savings By Measure

  6. INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY, REPORTING & DATABASE MANAGEMENT EGIA PROVIDES MWD AND PARTICIPATING AGENCIES WITH REAL-TIME, ONLINE PROGRAM MONITORING CAPABILITY • All Reporting Will Be Provided In Excel Or Access Format & Delivered To Agencies Via Password Protected Web Access • Reports Will Be Separated By: • Participating Agency • Each Of Their Sub-Agencies and Retail Agencies • System Designed To Accommodate & Track Multiple Rebate Levels & Outside Funding Sources • EGIA Database Tracks Qualified Measures, Rebate Amounts, Funding Sources, Measure Brand, Model Number, Purchase Price and More • Automated Processing & Payment Delivery System • Automated Safeguards Deployed To Reduce Deliberate Or Unintentional Consumer Misuse Of The Program • Problem Letter Generation/ Follow-Up System Assures Maximum Customer Participation

  7. GENERAL MARKETING STRATEGY • Goals: • Raise Awareness Of Rebates Among Residential Customers • Educate Residential Customers About Water Consumption • Raise Prioritization Of Water In Purchasing Decisions • Educate/Engage Landscape Professionals To Promote Water Efficient Products And Practices • Key Messages: • Umbrella Program Messaging That Keys In On Smart Consumers Saving Water • Deliver Messages With Humor, Present As Guidance, Avoid “Preaching” • Product-Specific Messaging: • Superior Product Performance, Third-Party Testing • Volume Of Water Used By Typical Products • Increased Convenience • Lifetime Water/Utility Savings • Address Product-Specific, Market Challenges

  8. CONSUMER MARKETING • Point of Sale • Raise Visibility Of Products, Rebates Through Labeling And Signage • Increase Stocking Of Qualified HETs • Ensure Educated Sales Staff • Website • Portals For Consumers And Contractors • Education, Sales/Marketing Resources, Online Rebate Application • Direct Mail • Target High Landscape Water Use • Send Letters Highlighting Water Use And Opportunities To Reduce With WBICs • Bill Stuffers • Coordinate With Agencies To Provide Content, Select Timing To Optimize Results • Marketing/Education Campaigns • Provide Content, Strategies, Coordinating Activities For MET, Other Agencies • Special Events • As Appropriate Throughout The Region

  9. RETAILER & CONTRACTOR OUTREACH • Product Stocking • Work With Retail HQ And Manufacturers To Increase Availability Of Qualified Products • Pilot Product Launches, Test Sales Impacts • Product Visibility • Develop And Deliver Signage, Product Labels • Ensure In-Store Rebate Forms • Sales Staff Knowledge • Focus On Superior Product Performance, Other Key Attributes • Offer In-Person Training • Provide Training Tools (E.G., Pocket Cards) • Provide Qualified Product Lists • Contractor Training • Coordinate With IA, WaterSense, California Landscape Contractors Association, Key Manufacturers And Distributors • Provide Sales/Marketing Tools

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