dante s divine comedy inferno canto viii 8 n.
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Dante’s Divine Comedy: Inferno; Canto VIII (8) PowerPoint Presentation
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Dante’s Divine Comedy: Inferno; Canto VIII (8)

Dante’s Divine Comedy: Inferno; Canto VIII (8)

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Dante’s Divine Comedy: Inferno; Canto VIII (8)

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  1. Dante’s Divine Comedy: Inferno; Canto VIII (8) Jessica Aceituno November 16,2007 Canto VIII

  2. Canto VIII • Dante and Virgil approach the great tower when two flames shoot from its top. Another flame shoots from the marsh of Styx. • Phlegyas a boatmen arrives eager to take more damned souls to into hell. Phlegyas is angered by the sight of Dante and Virgil. • Virgil and Phlegyas get in to an argument. Phlegyas takes Dante and Virgil to the other side of the Styx.

  3. Canto VIII • Before getting to the other side of Styx, a soul rises from the slime. The soul is Dante’s Florentine enemy, Filippo Argenti, he is one of the wrathful in the marsh. • Dante and Argenti exchange words and Dante wishes that Argenti receive further punishment. • When Dante and Virgil reach the shore they see the City of Dis where the fires of Hell glow.

  4. Canto VIII • When Dante and Virgil get off the boat a group of shades question Dante’s appearance in their realm. The shades refuse to let Dante pass, though they say Virgil may enter but not to return to his own circle. • Dante is afraid he will never be able to leave Hell, he cries. • Virgil goes to the gate of the City of Dis alone to see if he can open it, the doors are slammed in his face. Virgil assures Dante that a Great one is on his way to open the gate.

  5. Dante and Virgil approaching the City of Dis.

  6. Description of Characters • Phlegyas- mythological King of Boeotia; son of Mars; thrown into Hell for setting fire to Apollo’s temple because Apollo seduced his daughter. • Filippo Argenti- Dante’s enemy who’s family opposed Dante’s return to Florence. Suffers in the throng of Wrathful (Circle 5- Styx)

  7. Phlegyas and Filippo Argenti.

  8. Scenery (Canto VIII); Inside the Character of Dante. • The scenery of Canto VIII is full of fire, and surrounded by the Marsh of Styx. The sinners in this circle are those who committed Wrathful; people who were always angry. They are in Circle 5. The last circle before the Walls of Dis. These souls are punished by constantly hitting each other. • In Canto VIII, Dante’s character is changing, Dante no longer feels pity for the sinners and is becoming aware of sin and developing a hatred for it.

  9. Argenti, and the Great one from above who comes to open the gate of the City of Dis.