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Career Academy

Career Academy

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Career Academy

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  1. Career Academy Presentation to Student Services CSA Committee January 14, 2009

  2. In September 2006, 56 students walked through the doors of a new school…

  3. It all began with a request from our component school districts: Help us find ways to connect with unconnected students. Connect students to Career and Technical Education earlier. Ensure all students graduate!

  4. CAREER ACADEMY A school designed to: Engage with relevance; Connect with relationships; Teach with rigor!

  5. The students selected to attend had been… Disconnected from school Exhibiting chronic absenteeism Falling through the cracks Most retained at least once

  6. The Career Academy was designed to… --Motivate students to learn --Provide meaningful and customized hands-on learning --Prepare students for college, careers, and citizenship --Ensure students earn a Regents Diploma with a Career and Technical Endorsement

  7. Parents participate as partners… Luncheons, dinners, field trips, Advisory Committee members, e-mail groups, homework websites, problem solving meetings, phone trees, service learning projects…

  8. -Dual Credit English 12/English 101 with OCC. - Dave Wall, Director of Corporate and Public Partnerships at OCC, participates on our Advisory Committee.-All students participate in multiple visitations to campuses in the local community. Career Academy promotes a “college culture.”

  9. Career Academy collaborates with businesses to prepare students for the future. • Teachers participated in a week long “Teachers in the World of Work” summer training. (July 2008) • Students in Social Studies classes have worked with several local businesses to complete class projects. • B.J. Hayes, of ClearChannel Communications, has recently joined our Advisory Committee.

  10. What Can the Career Academy do To Prepare Our Young People for the Future? Through our summer training we learned that businesses are not looking for “content knowledge.” They are looking for 21st Century Skills and the “SOFT SKILLS” that influence attitudes…

  11. How can the Career Academy foster these skills?

  12. Dress to Impress Students learn the importance of professional appearance by participating in a weekly “Career-Ready Dress Day”.

  13. Desired Attribute: The Soft Skills Leadership and Life Skills Crew (LLC) The goal of LLC is for students to see self-value and to carry over their LLC experiences to school, to their career path and to everyday life through the application of leadership and service.

  14. Students are learning the importance of communication, cooperation and responsibility.

  15. Career Academy’s LLC is modeled after leadership training developed for the corporate world.

  16. Partnering with Lockheed Martin Student intern, Kiki, was recruited for her math and people skills. Soft Skills were emphasized with a job coach. Composting project interfaced with school recycling program. Other collaborations are being developed. Meaningful, relevant and it reinforces Science Standards.

  17. Service to Others “Operation Southern Comfort”- Collaboration with Construction Trades experts and the Home Depot.

  18. Desired Attribute: Communication Skills

  19. Presentations and Public Speaking Election Unit with ClearChannel Communications and the Syracuse Post-Standard.

  20. 9th and 10th Grade Career Seminar Contact local businesses: write business letters and use professional telephone skills. Develop Small Business Entrepreneurial Proposal. Develop resumes and participate in mock interviews. All students will read the book 10 Things Employers Want You to Learn in College.

  21. Providing relevance is key to engaging students. To best benefit our students, our future workforce, our collective aim is to provide students an opportunity for real-life application of skills.

  22. Career and Technical Education Through the CTE Program students work with area businesses in their chosen fields to create authentic learning experiences. Laboratory Technician and Automotive Technician students dress for a day in the field.

  23. Career and Technical Education Enrollment 2008-2009

  24. What Do The Numbers Tell Us?

  25. Student Achievement 2007 Regents Results June 2007 Regents Results

  26. Student Achievement Cont… 2008 Regents Results

  27. Student Achievement Cont… Final Averages

  28. Strategies for Continual Improvement Using data for program evaluation. Seeking feedback from districts, parents, students, businesses and universities. Systematic curriculum development and integration of business centered learning units focused on increasing student achievement. Continue to increase collaboration between Career Academy and Career and Technical Education teachers through a week-long teacher immersion program.

  29. School Improvement Team Continual Improvement Advisory Committee Action Planning Business Partnerships and College Collaborations