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UK Career Academy Foundation PowerPoint Presentation
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UK Career Academy Foundation

UK Career Academy Foundation

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UK Career Academy Foundation

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    1. UK Career Academy Foundation Martyn Drain Director

    4. Themes

    6. Why would a business want to partner a Career Academy ? Proven community programme Business support mainstreamed rather than add on Government agenda (Leitch, Tomlinson, Diplomas etc) on need for business to support education Complete curriculum offer Measurable outcomes Demonstrate Corporate Social Responsibility excellence and reputation Opportunity for local PR Opportunity for employee volunteering Opportunity for developing employee competencies Pump prime future recruitment Opportunity to demonstrate diversity Exceptional local and national network of supporting companies and business leaders

    7. New opportunities for employers

    8. What is a Career Academy internship ? Six weeks paid work experience A job description and list of skill requirements A programme for each internship in a real operating environment and aiming to use the skills and knowledge the student has learned in school/college An interview A suitable induction Student should have a line supervisor, an HR contact and perhaps a buddy Consider rotation or all one department/day to day work and projects/meeting senior contacts/last day feedback Briefing prior to internship, guidance booklet Visits and support from school/college and UKCAF

    9. Effective internships will: Enable students to learn about all aspects of the business Add to their CV in a career field in which they have interest Provide experiences that require more knowledge and skills than ordinary student jobs Encourage students to think and problem solve via actual workplace challenges Introduce students to modern workplace Develop a shared vision of the value of education between employers, teachers and students, helping students understand the importance and relevance of their academic studies Help teachers connect the classroom to the modern workplace Enable teachers and employers to work together to prepare students for success in the workplace.