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Dunbar vocational career academy

Dunbar vocational career academy

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Dunbar vocational career academy

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  1. Dunbar vocational career academy "Restoring the Legacy of Excellent" WELCOME PARENTS/GUARDIANS & STUDENTS TO DVCA 2011 FRESHMAN ORIENTATION WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 17, 2011 WELCOME CLASS OF 2015!!!

  2. Introductions • Dr. Covington, Principal • Ms. Lynch, Asst. Principal • Mr. Crump, Asst. Principal • Ms. Muhammad, Special Education Case Manager • Ms. McKnight, Counselor • Ms. Banks-Lincoln, Counselor • Ms. Gomez, Counselor "Restoring the Legacy of Excellent"

  3. Introductions • Mrs. Lee, Counselor • Ms. Hazelwood, Counselor • Mr. Evans, Counselor • Mr. Gorhman, College and Career Coach • Mr. Lee, College and Technical Education (CTE) Coordinator • Ms. Norice, Service Learning Coach "Restoring the Legacy of Excellent"

  4. Curriculum & Schedule "Restoring the Legacy of Excellent"

  5. how to read your schedule • Monday & Wednesday (BLUE)- Attend periods 1….2….3….4 • Tuesday & Thursday (GOLD)- Attend periods 5….6….7….8 • Wednesday- Attend ALL CLASSES in this order • (Blue)- 1st Period………. (Gold)-5th Period • ADVISORY • (Blue)- 2nd Period………. (Gold)- 6th Period • (Blue)-3rd Period………. (Gold)- 7th Period • (Blue)- 4th Period………. (Gold)- 8th Period "Restoring the Legacy of Excellent"

  6. ????????????????????????????????????????? "Restoring the Legacy of Excellent"

  7. Curriculum & Schedule cont…… • Students not staying for sports/activities must exit the building immediately after school • Students are encouraged to use ½ days to earn Service Learning Hours • School starts on Tuesday, September 6, 2011 @ 8:00 am SHARP!!!!! Students may arrive as early as 7:15am. "Restoring the Legacy of Excellent"

  8. Curriculum • DVCA has 5 Academies: • Agriculture • Broadcast & Digital Media • Construction & Architecture • Culinary & Hospitality • Health Science • All students have been placed in the “Academy” that they chose upon application "Restoring the Legacy of Excellent"

  9. School Uniform • Uniform will enhance leadership and a culture of respect • Monogrammed navy Polo Shirt (this is the only shirt that can be worn) • Khaki slacks, knee length skirt or shorts. "Restoring the Legacy of Excellent"

  10. School Uniform • Students may wear any color shoe! However, thong sandals and “flip-flop” style shoes are prohibited. • Students are required to wear a belt at all times. The belt can be any color. "Restoring the Legacy of Excellent"

  11. Gym Uniform The DVCA Gym Uniform must be worn to all PE classes. • Athletic shoes "Restoring the Legacy of Excellent"

  12. Immunizations • Make your appointment now! • Students without a current physical on file will be excluded from school! "Restoring the Legacy of Excellent"

  13. DVCA Mighty Dollar/mighty paper Mighty Dollar Mighty Paper • Given to parent/guardian who attends any DVCA function • Functions include, but are not limited to: Meet & Greet, Orientation, Open House, Report-Card Pick Up • May be used to purchase DVCA merchandise during Report Card Pick-Up days • Earned by students who are “caught” being a respectful, responsible leader • Can be earned from any DVCA administrative staff member or counselor • May be redeemed for various items, such as school supplies & uniforms "Restoring the Legacy of Excellent"

  14. The Make-it or Break-it Year "Restoring the Legacy of Excellent"

  15. Grades Matter • According to CCSR (2007) • 95% freshman with a B average graduate 8 out of 10 times. Freshman with a B average will graduate with at least a B average • Freshman with less than a C average are more likely to drop out than to graduate • Common Myths • Only 2nd & 4th semester grades matter (Semester Grades: Credits Issued) • Teachers gave grades • Only core classes are important "Restoring the Legacy of Excellent" Setting the Standards for Academic Excellence

  16. Attendance Matter • According to CCSR (2007) • About 9 of 10 freshman who miss less than one week of school graduate (regardless of 8th grade test scores) • Freshman who miss more than two weeks of school fail at least 2 classes • Things to Remember… • Tardiness counts towards attendance (3 Tardies = 1 absence-unexcused) • Unexcused absence= Teacher may not allow make-up assignments "Restoring the Legacy of Excellent"

  17. Freshman Success Begins with… • IMPACT Grade Book Reports • Progress Reports • Report Card Pickup • Afterschool Tutoring • Communication • Syllabus • Asking for help before a student fails a class • Attendance "Restoring the Legacy of Excellent"

  18. Freshman Year • Get to know your guidance counselor and the college and career coach  • Develop a four-year educational plan that’s aligned with your college and career goals. • Develop test-taking, writing and study skills. • Get active and stay active in one or more extra-curricular activities. "Restoring the Legacy of Excellent"

  19. Freshman Year • Improve your reading skills by reading at least 20 minutes per day beyond school work (newspapers, magazine, books, word-a-day).  • Use the “What’s Next Illinois” website to identify your interests, skills and abilities each year.  Begin to identify postsecondary educational programs that will help you achieve your goals "Restoring the Legacy of Excellent"

  20. Questions? • Feel free to ask any member of the DVCA Team a question! "Restoring the Legacy of Excellent"