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Dunbar Vocational Career Academy Explore / Plan Practice PSAE/ COMPASS TESTING PowerPoint Presentation
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Dunbar Vocational Career Academy Explore / Plan Practice PSAE/ COMPASS TESTING

Dunbar Vocational Career Academy Explore / Plan Practice PSAE/ COMPASS TESTING

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Dunbar Vocational Career Academy Explore / Plan Practice PSAE/ COMPASS TESTING

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  1. Dunbar Vocational Career Academy Explore / PlanPractice PSAE/ COMPASS TESTING Monday, September 26th , 2011Make Up Test Thursday, September 29th, 2011 (9th &10th)

  2. PRE-TESTING EPAS KICK OFF • 9th, 10thand 11th division teachers should received their students’ 8th, 9th , and 10th EPAS scores on Monday 9/19/2011 along with materials of “Why take Explore, Plan?” • 9th and 10th division teachers will go over students’ previous’ testing score and predict and discuses why is important to take the test and how to improve their test score on Tuesday 9/20/2011 • 11th division teachers will go over students’ PLAN score and discuses the importance of practice PSAE. Students will predict their score for the up coming practice test, and sign up for after- school PSAE review session. • 12th division will talk to students regarding post-secondary, college choices, and why COMPASS test? • Counselors are rotate during the extended division time to assist teachers.

  3. PRE- TESTINGInterest Inventory (9th & 10th ) Wednesday, September 21st, 2011 • During advisory on Wednesday, September 21st , 9th & 10th grades division teachers are to administer the Interest Inventory • Make sure all students have an answer sheet and have grided their identifying information on their answer sheet. • Make sure all students have completed all sections of the interest inventory. • Students who do not take the interest inventory will not be able to complete the test. • Student State ID Numbers: Run roster on IMPACT SIM by grade level or division. Students who need to grid answer documents will need this. • Return all materials to the Library in Alphabetical order immediately. These materials have to be counted, sorted and shipped on board mandated schedules

  4. EXPLORE/PLAN Testing ProceduresOn Interest Inventory Day – Room Supervisor Read the Room Supervisor’s Manual Distribute and review with students Why Take EXPLORE? or Why Take PLAN? Distribute to students the Instructions for Completing Your Answer Folder for pre-test session Distribute student state ID numbers to students. Distribute answer document with correct Pre-ID label or hand bubbled information to each student. Direct students to confirm all information on pre-ID label is correct. EXPLORE and PLAN: Tell students to ignore Blocks M (sort codes) EXPLORE ONLY: Tell students to ignore Blocks M- S Make sure each student has appropriate materials Ensure student’s write name on test booklets and answer folders

  5. PRE- TESTINGBell Schedule DVCA will following the Bell Schedule below on Wednesday 9/21/2011 5

  6. 2010-201 EXPLORE and PLAN Test Administration Schedule The test will be given on Monday, September 26th See provided testing schedules/ locations Materials will be available for pickup in the Library Room at 7:30 am. The make up test (9th & 10th ) will be given in the Social Room and Library on Thursday, September 29th, 2011. 6

  7. Remind Students to bring with them on testing day Remind students of the room location At least two sharpened No. 2 pencils A calculator No cell phones during testing Encourage students to be on time in division this week and next week. They can not take the test if they have not taken the interest inventory. Additionally, we are only doing makeup testing on one day. Tip : assign students to seats alphabetically. This makes it easier to pass out, collect and inventory materials 7

  8. The Explore/ Plan Test **Note that needs assessment, interest inventory, and plans and background should be completed PRIOR to achievement test administration and NOT on same day 8

  9. The Practice PSAE/ COMPASS Test 9

  10. Testing Procedures During Testing – Room Supervisor Read instructions verbatim. Ensure students write their name on test booklet. Administer test sessions in order, allowing the appropriate time for each test. Post start, stop, 5-minutes-remaining times on the board. Write times in manual. Check to see that students are recording answers in the appropriate area. Document any testing irregularities. 10

  11. Testing ProceduresAfter Testing – Room Supervisor Collect answer folders first and then test booklets from each student before they leave the room. Verify counts of test materials before students are dismissed. Check each answer folder for a Pre-ID label or that hand gridded student information is accurate and complete. Check for no stray marks or doodles and answer choices are darkly marked with pencil, not pen. Check the correct test form is marked in section K. Ignore special status codes. When returning materials separate the blank test booklets from the used ones and separate the blank answer sheets from the used ones. Also, mark on the attendance sheets which students were absent. Return these to the counselor, this information will be used to coordinate makeup testing. 11

  12. EXPLORE/PLAN Testing ProceduresAfter Testing – Room Supervisor (cont) Fill out EXPLORE Class/Group Headerand place one on top of your class/group’s answer folders (no class/group headers for PLAN). Use Testing Irregularity Report to describe any unusual circumstances that may affect students’ scores found on page 25 in the EXPLORE Room Supervisor’s Manual and page 31 in the PLAN Room Supervisor’s Manual. Return all materials (except used scratch paper) to the counselors in the library immediately. These materials have to be counted, sorted and shipped on board mandated schedules 12