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Measuring Weather

Measuring Weather

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Measuring Weather

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  1. Measuring Weather By: Brianna Shields November 1, 2005

  2. DO NOW • Get your current event out on your desk • Listen to this podcast: • How does the environment recycle normal amounts of carbon dioxide? Why can’t the environment keep up with this recycling anymore?

  3. Weather Measurements and Symbols Temperature • Def: Average kinetic energy of air molecules • On map: record number in degrees F or C • Tool: Thermometer

  4. Weather Measurements and Symbols Sky Conditions • Def: Sunny, cloudy, clear, overcast • On map: Draw picture of sun or clouds

  5. Weather Measurements Wind Conditions • Def: calm, light, heavy

  6. Weather Measurements Wind Direction • Def: Which way is the wind blowing? • N, NW, S, SW • Map Symbol: Blows from flag to ball • Tool: Wind Vane

  7. Weather Measurements Wind Speed • Def: How fast the wind is traveling • Blows from high to low pressure areas • Map: notches on flag symbol

  8. Weather Measurements Precipitation Type • Def: Related to amount of liquid drops in clouds and temperature • Ex: rain, drizzle, snow, none • Map: Draw as picture or shade map in colors

  9. Weather Measurements Precipitation Amount • Def: Amount of rain in inches or centimeters • Tool: Rain gauge

  10. Weather Measurements Humidity • Def: Amount of invisible water vapor in air • Warm air= more humidity • Full air = saturated • Tool: Hygrometer

  11. Weather Measurements Air Pressure • Def: Amount of pressure exerted by columns of air • High Pressure = dense air • Tool: Barometer • On Map: number written on map in mb or in- equal areas are connected

  12. Weather Measurements Dewpoint • Def: Saturated air that cools causes drops of water to condense

  13. Weather Symbols Fronts • Warm • Cold • Stationary

  14. Weather Symbols Pressure Systems • High • Low

  15. What does this weather symbol indicate about the weather?

  16. Weather Journal • Get out your weather logging journal • One student, will go to the library and get the weather conditions from the Weather Station. • Fill this in on page 1 of your journal under the Jamestown, NY “Library Station” weather section

  17. Weather Journal • Look in the Post Journal for Jamestown’s weather forecast. • Fill the weather conditions into your weather logging journal on page two.

  18. Weather Journal • Visit the weather underground site and fill in the weather forecast for Jamestown, NY. • This goes on page two of our weather journal. • To find the weather forecast, type the city and state name in the top left corner of the screen

  19. Weather Journal • Visit the weather underground site again and enter the weather conditions for each of these cities: • Montgomery, Alabama • Wichita, Kansas • This goes on page seven of your weather journal.

  20. Weather Journal • Visit the CNN weather maps and try to make predictions about tomorrow’s weather in the following cities: • Jamestown, New York • Montogomery, Alabama • Wichita, Kansas • This goes on page twelve of your weather journal, under DAY ONE. • If you don’t know where in the U.S. each state is located, use a U.S. Map to find each one.

  21. Weather Journal • Visit the webcams for each of the cities listed below. Try to guess what the temperature, sky conditions, windspeed, time of day, precipitation and visibility are for each city by observing the webcam. • Moscow, Russia • Russia 2 • Buenos Aires, Argentina • New York City, New York • Your predictions go on page fifteen of your weather journal, under WEBCAM WEATHER.

  22. Weather Journal • Visit the links below to determine the actual weather conditions in the webcam cities • Moscow, Russia • New York City, New York • Buenos Aires, Argentina • Record the actual weather conditions on page fifteen of your weather journal, under ACTUAL WEATHER.