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Butterflies and Moths PowerPoint Presentation
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Butterflies and Moths

Butterflies and Moths

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Butterflies and Moths

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  1. Butterflies and Moths By: Sofiah and Hannan

  2. Difference between a Butterfly and a Moth Wings: Butterflies wings are normally larger, and have colorful patterns. Moths wings are usually smaller and have less colorful wings. Behavior: Butterflies fly during the day, and moths fly during the night. But there are some moths like the buck moth that fly during the day. There are also some butterflies that fly during dawn and dusk.

  3. The Comet Moth The comet moth or Madagascan moon moth is an African moth found in the rainforests of Madagascar. And they are only found in certain parts of Madagascar. It is also found in forested areas of North America and found in Canada, Nova Scotia through central Quebec and Ontario. The Comet moth is named after its long red tails when it flies. The colors on the comet moth are used to blend in with the flowers in the rainforests and the designs on their wings are to scare away predators. Their wingspan is 20 cm and their tail span is about 15 cm. The comet moths belong to the family Saturniidae.

  4. Urania moth The Urania moth is considered one of the most impressive and the most appealing moth. Urania is a day flying moth. At first the moth was thought to be from Bengal or China but then was later found to be endemic to Madagascar. They can be found almost anywhere on the island, except in the south-west part or near the south of Androy. Other species of Chrysiridia ripheus are found in other places. There are two species that are found in the Amazonian region.

  5. Hypothesis • Urania and the Rose butterfly are strong flyers so it is most likely that they flew to Madagascar from other places in the world. • Maybe explorers and scientists brought them to Madagascar to show the Malagasy people. • When the continents split up maybe they got split up to different parts of the world.

  6. Where they are found? Comet moth Urania moth Comet Moth

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