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Healthy Choices Week

Healthy Choices Week

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Healthy Choices Week

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  1. Healthy Choices Week HIV 101 Orisha Bowers M.Ed., MA. LaRonia Sawyer MPH. Healthy Choices World AIDS Day Committee

  2. The Flow • Getting to know you… • Facts and Stats Memphis/Shelby County • The Real Deal… Holyfield – HIV 101 • Are you at Risk? Understanding • Choices...To Protect? Not to protect? .....That’ s the ? • Programs and Services • Concluding Thoughts • Real Talk Q and A

  3. Getting To Know You • Introductory Exercises –People Bingo • Expectations of the Presentation • Establishing Ground Rules

  4. Facts and Stats Memphis/Shelby County As of December 31, 2008 • 435 newly reported cases of HIV/AIDS in Shelby County. 304 cases male and 131 cases female. • Highest percentage of newly reported cases were among African Americans (88% or 382 cases). • Incidence is highest amongst African American Males (262 cases). African American females (120 cases) • Incidence highest in people ages 25-34 year olds in Shelby County (127 cases). • 5949 PLWHA in Shelby County. (4,067 or 68%) are males and (1882 or 32%) are females. • The majority of PLWHA in Shelby County are African American (4,935 or 84%). • Shelby County has the highest incidence of HIV/AIDS in Tennessee

  5. HIVHIV is the virus that causes AIDS • H - Human - because this virus can only infect human beings. • I - Immuno-deficiency - because the effect of the virus is to create a deficiency, a failure to work properly, within the body's immune system. • V - Virus - because this organism is a virus, which means one of its characteristics is that it is incapable of reproducing by itself. It reproduces by taking over the machinery of the human cell

  6. AIDSAIDS is to the most advanced stages of HIV infection. • A - Acquired - because it's a condition one must acquire or get infected with, not something transmitted through the genes. • I - Immune - because it affects the body's immune system, the part of the body which usually works to fight off germs such as bacteria and viruses. • D - Deficiency - because it makes the immune system deficient (that is, the immune system may not function properly). • S - Syndrome - because someone with AIDS may experience a wide range of different diseases and opportunistic infections.

  7. The Real Deal… Holyfield – HIV 101 • HIV can be transmitted from an infected person to another through-Blood , Semen, Vaginal secretions, and breast milk and possibly pre-seminal fluid • HIV can be transmitted by having unprotected (vaginal, anal, or oral) sex with an infected partner, sharing needles, mother to child transmission from an infected mother, tattoos, piercing, acupuncture,; • HIV is NOT transmitted by hugging or kissing, hugging, pets, insect bites, sharing dishes or food, toilet seats, contact with saliva, sweat, tears; • HIV can ONLY be diagnosed by a doctor. However, an HIV antibody test, either from a blood sample or an oral sample (Orasure), can tell whether you have been infected. A positive test result means antibodies to HIV were found. A negative test result means no HIV antibodies were found. This usually means you are not infected. However, if you engaged in behavior that could spread the virus within three months of having the test, antibodies may not be detectable and you should be re-tested.

  8. Understanding Risks • Interactive Exercises - Color Cards • Personal Reflections • Discussions About Risks… Myths

  9. Myths • Women can't give men HIV. It's harder for men to get HIV from women, because men have fewer areas on the penis where the virus can enter the bloodstream. However, if a partner has an untreated STI like syphilis or gonorrhea, which can break the skin, the risk of his getting HIV from a female partner increases. • He doesn't "look" like someone with HIV. Any person may be practicing unsafe behaviors and if infected may spread the virus to you! • HIV is the same as AIDS. HIV is the virus which causes AIDS. A person can be infected with HIV for years without having AIDS. Having HIV infection does not mean you have AIDS. AIDS is the most advanced stages of HIV. • The government produced AIDS to reduce certain groups of people. The government did not make this disease. • Knowing who is on the "down low" will save me from getting HIV. Learning about your partner's sexual and drug history is important. • HIV can be cured. People are living with HIV and AIDS, but there is no cure yet.

  10. Choices.......To Protect? Not to protect? ...........That is the question. • Abstinence • Latex Condoms or Female Condom with water based lubricant…Used correctly and consistently (Demonstrations can be arranged and provided to those in need.) • Dental Dams • Reduce the # of partners • Dose Reduction…Pull out or roll off (whoever is in charge at the time)

  11. Programs and Services • Free and confidential HIV counseling and testing (NO Needles!!! In Most Cases Oral Screening) Shelby County Health Dept., St Andrew AME Project Hope, South Memphis Alliance, Friends For Life, The Med, Christ Community Health Services, Memphis Center For Reproductive Health, Planned Parenthood of the Greater Memphis Region, Cocaine Alcohol Awareness Program, and Community HIV Network. You must ASK your doctor to give you an HIV test. DO NOT assume it is being done. • Prevention Education & Training: Agencies will come out and educate and train ANYONE free. • Referrals to APPROPRIATE medical care and support services: Ryan White Programs • Opportunities to help END this disease.

  12. Concluding Thoughts • Women of color (especially African American women) are the hardest hit. …Women have to make better CHOICES about sex and reproductive health. We can not afford to think about HIV the way we have been in the past. • Younger women are more likely than older women to get HIV…. We must teach our girls AND boys to make better CHOICES by arming them with ALL of the facts. It’s about empowering our young people to make the best decisions for their situations. • AIDS is a common killer, second only to cancer and heart disease for women. Women need to get tested and KNOW our status!

  13. Real Talk • Ask Questions and Get Answers

  14. Resources • • • • • •