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Vision Metaphor Leadership PowerPoint Presentation
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Vision Metaphor Leadership

Vision Metaphor Leadership

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Vision Metaphor Leadership

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  1. Vision Metaphor Leadership EDLA-525 Bruno Oliveira

  2. “The very essence of leadership is that you have to have a vision. It’s got to be a vision you articulate clearly and forcefully on every occasion.” ~Theodore Hesburgh, President of the University of Notre Dame

  3. Home Plate Start & finish of Leadership Journey Visual reminder where leader wants to end up When a leader knows where home plate is, then it helps them know where all of the other bases are & guides them back home

  4. Home Plate • Crucial to start everyday with a home plate that points a leader in the right direction • Home is the focus of every effort, relationship, & accomplishment • Home is the life mission for every leader

  5. Home Plate Without vision, values, ethics, morality, priorities, purpose or significance, leaders are in danger of never reaching First Base.

  6. First Base • A leader is reminded that they cannot lead others until they first lead themselves • Leaders deal internally with honesty, ethics, integrity & fairness • Character formed through day-to-day decisions, choices & actions ???

  7. First Base • First true test of leadership: “Can I adequately lead myself?” • There are no easy shortcuts to leadership • To be an effective leader you must touch all the bases each day & in order; starting with First; ALWAYS!!

  8. Second Base • When a leader has done what is necessary to lead oneself; they must run to Second & engage, interact, and relate with people • Once a mutual relationship is built on trust the leader will invest time to bring out the best in their followers • A leader will spend energies encouraging, listening, praising & modeling excellence

  9. Second Base • Leaders can be so focused in their work and forget that reaching home isn’t much fun or rewarding if they arrive by themselves • A good leader needs to be a ‘people’ person • Leaders care about & collaborate with people

  10. Third Base • Each leader is equipped with talents, abilities, and gifts • Leaders do their best work when they lead from what they’re good at • Once a leader realizes what they are good at, they can delegate their weaknesses to others

  11. Third Base Leaders who focus on their strengths will discover that they will be more effective, energized, & better able to lead people toward home.

  12. Summary • If at the end of day, you have the opportunity to reach home. • Look back and reflect on whether you are still headed in the right direction. • Touching home plate affirms that you’re on the right path, to being an effective leader.

  13. “A leader lives in each of us”

  14. THE END