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Battle Of Chickamauga PowerPoint Presentation
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Battle Of Chickamauga

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Battle Of Chickamauga
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Battle Of Chickamauga

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  1. Battle Of Chickamauga By Akira Laster Ms Thomas Class September 27,2013

  2. How the War Started • The battle takes place September 18-20, 1863 • It was the second bloodiest battle in the civil war • President Lincoln was upset with the progress of the Union of Cumberland in the Western Theater in the summer of 1863 and no matter what Lincoln threatened to do, Gen. Rosecrans gave a lot of lies for not going after Gen. Bragg’s Army. And he finally did it, made Gen. Bragg’s Army go all the way back to Tennessee.

  3. THE BATTLE Did you know that the battle of Chickamauga was the battle with the most casualties ? The total number of causalities was 34,624 the Union had 16,170, and the Confederate army had 18,454

  4. ImportantPeople • Gen. Thomas • Rock Of Chickamauga was Gen.Thomas nickname for his heroicness • Gen. Bragg • His chief subordinates didn't like each other and quarreled and his generals wouldn’t disobey his orders • Gen. Rosecrans Aka (Old Rosy) • Was a religious man and kind of a perfectionist Lincoln believed that he lacked aggressive spirit needed to win and Lincoln said that he behaved “like a duck hit on the head”

  5. The First Day of War • Consisted of several confederate attempts to seize crossing points on Chickamauga creek • The Union soldiers slowed the confederate at Reeds bridge but soon southern forces took the span and moved southwest toward Lee And Gordon’s Mill

  6. Second Day of War • On the morning of September 19th Thomas sent troops eastward to the Kelly farm and destroy what he thought was a small enemy force. • Instead the union meet confederate soldiers and ushered in a confused general engaged all day long and spread for nearly miles

  7. The Last Day Of War • During the night and very , very early in the morning of September 19-20 Gen Bragg divided his army into two different wings the right of north commanded by Lieutenant General . Leonidas Polk and the left of southern wing commanded by Lieutenant General James Longstreet • Who had came from Virginia with more Confederate reinforcements. Bragg’s ideas for September 20 called an attack to start at dawn on the confederates right and move southward, driving he union troops away from Chattanooga. The part of Polk and another of his subordinates caused the surprise attack to start several hours late