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Angelica Ferreira 2 nd Hour PowerPoint Presentation
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Angelica Ferreira 2 nd Hour

Angelica Ferreira 2 nd Hour

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Angelica Ferreira 2 nd Hour

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  1. Interior Designer Angelica Ferreira 2nd Hour

  2. Introduction Imagine yourself walking into a room completely empty with white, blank walls in the room. As you stand in the room you think: what in the world will I do with this dull, empty room…. So you go on Google and look up the best interior designers in Michigan. The first name that pops up is Angelica Ferreira. So you call Angelica and she seems willing to help you. Then you tell her you are on a budget and she says; don’t worry about the money. I can make the room perfect while staying way below your budget!  I became interested in this career when I was about 10 years of age and I had watched a few shows about interior designing on HGTV. Evening before I had watched that, I had always been interested in this career because of the different formats and ways of putting a room together. To find out if this is a career I may want to pursue in my future, I will be researching Nature of Work, working conditions, training/ qualifications/ advancement, job outlook, employment, earnings and related occupation.

  3. Nature of Work • Programming (determining the clients wants and needs) • Making the Design • Estimating the Cost • Gathering materials and furnishings • Developing a timeline

  4. Working Conditions • Mental and Physical • (mental: making the design, developing a plan, estimating a cost, etc.) • (Physical: decorating, painting, putting in furniture, etc.) • Indoor and Outdoor • (indoor: home, building, office, etc.) • (outdoor: backyards, patios, ) • Hours: regular hours • (self employed designers usually work longer hours) • Comfortable well-lighted settings • (self employed designers are more likely to work in more congested environments)

  5. Training, Qualifications, Advancement • High School Diploma • Bachelor Degree • (Associate degree is required to become an assistant) • Should be familiar with computer aided software (employers prefer that you are) • Classes I can take now in Lake Shore for this career: • Interior Design - Design Studio 1 and 2

  6. Job Outlook/Employment • Rate of employment in 2008: 71,700 • Employment rate is expected to grow much faster from 2008 to 2018 (19%) • Expect to become an Interior Designer in Michigan • A bit competitive

  7. Earnings • Graduate from High School • Get a Bachelors degree • Earnings (annual wages) : $44,950 in 2008 • This does fit my goals • First purchase- An apartment

  8. Related Occupation • Fashion Designer: • Responsibilities- Knowing the current fashion and predict the new ones, designing clothing, choosing the fabrics, and create clothing and accessories. • Working Conditions- Comfortable well- lighted settings • Training- Associates or Bachelors degree, must have a strong sense of esthetic and an appreciation for beauty • Job Outlook- Employment rate is expected to rise by 1% from 2008 to 2018, it is competitive, would like to find a job opening in Michigan

  9. Summary I believe that Interior design could be the career for me in the future. If I pursue this career in the future, I will look forward to designing rooms and working with clients to design the best possible room for them while staying below their budget. I think interior designing is the career for me in the future, I have learned the earnings for interior designers, the training (education) I must have, the nature of this career, and the overall outlook I have on this career.

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