africa s past present and future n.
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Africa’s Past, Present, and Future PowerPoint Presentation
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Africa’s Past, Present, and Future

Africa’s Past, Present, and Future

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Africa’s Past, Present, and Future

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  1. Africa’s Past, Present, and Future By: JaquezHolt,Kerry Barber, and Trevor King

  2. On African News, we are going to talk about Africa’s past, present, and future and now we go live to Trevor King about Africa’s Slave Trade. African Slave Trade is the western conception of slavery as an institution of African-descended slaves and non-African slave owners. Which was before we was born.

  3. Africa’s Tribal Conflict Africa’s tribal conflict was they was a drought in Kenya because they have rain and water. This was there second drought since late 2000. The only country in Africa that had a drought was Kenya. Over 8,200 people in Africa die of AIDS, because of drugs and having AIDS since 1997.

  4. The Colonization of Africa • The colonization of Africa was the longest colonization throughout history. Did you know that Africa have the longest colonization in history? • The colonization of Africa was a major part of history during the Scramble of Africa. • Most Africans were taken from their homes and was killed during the colonization

  5. Africa’s Scarcity • Africa’s scarcity was food and water scarcity because Africans died from hunger. • Because most Africans die from hunger the parents look for to feed their children everyday. • We need you support to help the parents and children from dying from hunger.

  6. Africa’s Cultural Strife • Do you want to about Africa’s cultural strife? Then I am going to tell you about their strife. • Africa’s cultural strife was that Africans celebrate their culture were they play drums and dance. • Now we have finish Africa’s cultural strife throughout the day.

  7. Africa’s Civil War • The Europeans was taken over the African’s land and the African’s decided to fight back their land. • Most African’s were still standing and most Africa’s died during the civil war. • Do you think African’s were still able still to fight for their country?