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  2. About Greenland • Greenland is an autonomus country located between the Arctic and Atlantic Oceans. • Greenland has 56.452 people. • The temperature in Greenland is between -9ºC to 7ºC. The highest mountain in Greenland is the Gunnbjörn Mountain, with 3694 m The summer creates a lot of lakes, but the most important is the Blue Lake The most important cities are: Ilulissat, Sisimiut, Qaqortoq and the capital Nuuk.

  3. Situation

  4. I have to go to school everyday in a village near mine. I have to go by boat because it is easier when there is a lot of snow. At the end of classes we go to some recreational indoor activities. In summer I can play sports with my friends. • The usual clothes we wear are: heavy sealskins, fox coats, skin socks and gloves. I have waterproof boots and coats prepared for cold weather. • I eat seals, whales and crabs, typical from Greenland. I also eat smoked fish, salmon, cereals and Arctic fox. Suaasat is a typical soup based on meal and rice. We eat vegetables and fruit too.

  5. I go hunting, fishing and sometimes I go to the supermarket to buy some canned food. In the village there is a supermarket very big that has: pork, salmon, carrot and rice. • We live in a colourful house in Nuuk. All the houses in my village are painted in different colours because this is typical in Greenland. In my house there is: 1 living room 2 bathrooms 3 bedrooms 1 terrace 1 hall

  6. I have blankets for the cold night, heater and radiator to keep warm, and candles for any blackout when there are blizzards. • I have a knife in case a polar bear can atack me, and a lot of food stored for the long winter. • In Greenland the winter is very extreme. In winter the snow covers the floor. It doesn´t rain, but it snows a lot. There are some icebergs because there is a lot of cold. • I do exercises because it helps me to keep fit and healthy, I do skiing because it´s very funny. I prefer to do exercise indoor because outdoor it´s very cold.

  7. In my free time I play board-games, card games and word games. I like to go skiing and to play with the sled. • I hear the wind in the silence of my city, I see the ice and the snow on the floor, I smell the old air of the winter, I taste my favourite food, the monk fish and I feel the freedom. • In my area there are polar bears, seals, birds and some whales. Some animals, like the polar bear, survive during the winter because he has a thick skin, or because they live in caves during the winter. • I see the ice, the snow and the seals through my window. The vegetation is low and the landscape is dark because the great part of the time it´s night. • I celebrate the Epiphany, on the 6th January. It´s a religious celebration that corresponds to instances where Maya shamans interpreted visions of an other world.

  8. Nuuk • Nuuk is the capital of Greenland and it has 15000 people. It was founded with the name of Godthab the 29th of August in 1728. Greenland has been inhabilited, by indiginous people in 2500 BC. In the early 18th century contact between Scandinavia and Greenland was established and Denmark put rule over Greenland.

  9. THE END By: Javier Casado Alcoba, Daniel Bandera García and Mario Espejo Lucena.