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Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson

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Thomas Jefferson

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  1. Thomas Jefferson Democratic Style Marbury v. Madison Louisiana Purchase Embargo

  2. Democratic Style • Reduce the size of the National Government • Cut the federal budget and reduce debt. • Promote laissez faire policies in economic affairs. • Decrease the size of government departments, • Reduce the size of the army and navy. • Ask Congress to repeal the whiskey tax.

  3. Democratic Style • Reconcile party differences • Retain the Bank of the USA • Continue to pay off state debts using federal money. • Allow Federalists to keep their government jobs.

  4. Marbury v. Madison • Who: President Adams, John Marshall, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison • What: • William Marbury was appointed by Adams on his last night as President. The Democratic Republicans refused this midnight appointment. • Thomas Jefferson ordered Secretary of State James Madison to not deliver the appointment papers.

  5. Marbury v. Madison • When: 1803 • Why: Marbury sued Madison. According to the Judiciary Act of 1789, the Supreme Court could decide cases brought against federal officials.

  6. Marbury v. Madison • Result: • The Supreme Court ruled against Marbury. • The Judiciary Act was unconstitutional. • Chief Justice Marshall ruled the Supreme Court did not have the right to decide cases brought against Federal judges. • It set the precedent for Judicial Review-power to decide if laws are constitutional or not.

  7. Louisiana Purchase • Jefferson sends Robert Livingston and James Monroe to buy New Orleans and West Florida from Napoleon. • Livingston and Monroe negotiated with Prime Minister Talleyrand. • Talleyrand showed little interest.

  8. Louisiana Purchase • Napoleon’s plan to gain the Americas ended and he needed money to pay for costly wars in Europe. • Talleyrand offers ALL of LOUISIANA, not just New Orleans. • Livingston offers $4 million.

  9. Louisiana Purchase • The actions of Monroe and Livingston… • They debated the matter, because they really did not have the authority to buy all of Louisiana. • They agreed to offer $15 million and the French accept the offer. (about 3cents an acre)

  10. Louisiana Purchase • Jefferson was not quite sure whether his position had the power to buy Louisiana. • He was a democratic republican and they supported a strict interpretation of the constitution. • It does not state in the constitution that the office of president can buy land.

  11. Embargo • What did Jefferson persuade Congress to do in the situation with Britain and France? • To impose an embargo on foreign trade. • The effects of the Embargo Act of 1807 were… • It did hurt Britain and France, but it hurt Americans even more. • Supplies were cut off and exports dropped by $80 million. • Docks were full of cotton and tobacco. • Merchants were hurt the worst.

  12. Embargo • American merchants protested and turned to smuggling to earn money. • After the embargo Act failed, Jefferson he replaced it with a less strict act. • The Non Intercourse Act allowed the USA to trade with all countries except Britain and France.