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Communication and Technology PowerPoint Presentation
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Communication and Technology

Communication and Technology

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Communication and Technology

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  1. Communication and Technology MOBILE PHONES: FOR AND AGAINST

  2. Mobile phone quiz • 1. How many of the population of the UK own a mobile phone? a) 95% b) 85% c)75% • 2. How many of the population of Ukraine own a mobile phone? a)100% b)95% c)85% • 3. When was the first mobile phone created? a) 1973 b) 1983 c) 1993 • 4. What were the first words spoken on a mobile? a) “Can you hear me?” b) “I’m on the train” c) “Guess where I’m calling from?” • 5. The first mobile phone call took place between: a) Twoscientists b) Two Scotsmen c) Two yuppies • 6. Where are mobile phones most popular? a) in the USA b) in Europe c) in China • 7. How many people in the whole world own a mobile phone? a) 1.3 million b) 1.3 billion c) 1.3 trillion • 8) Are mobile phones bad for your health? a) links have been made between mobiles and cancerb) links have been made between mobiles and memory lossc) there is no evidence that mobile phones can damage your health • 9) Men use mobiles more than women. a) true b) false c) maybe

  3. Mobile phone quiz • How many did you get right? Check the answers. • Answers: • 1) a (but 96% of all 15 – 24 –year- olds in the UK own one) • 2) c • 3)a • 4) c • 5) a • 6) c (China has about 750 million, India about 525 million and the USA has about 270 million mobile phone users) • 7) b • 8) b • 9) a • Who in your class got the highest mark?

  4. “Hey, you! Turn Off that Phone!” • Answer the questions. Have you got a cell phone? Why or why not? How do you use your phone? • Match the words and their explanations 1. Locate a) choice 2. Skyrocket b) send a written message to sb using a cell phone 3. Courtesy c) medicine 4. Worship d) small mechanical device 5. Gadget e) find (sb/sth) 6. Remedy f) activity of praying and singing in order to show respect and love for God 7. Text g) rise rapidly or suddenly 8. Option h) good manners or social conduct

  5. “Hey, you! Turn Off that Phone!” Answers: 1-e 2-g 3-h 4-f 5-d 6-c 7-b 8-a

  6. “Hey, you! Turn Off that Phone!” What does it mean? Keep their phone bills from skyrocketing Use common sense when they use mobilephones Answer the questions: Why do parents get phones for very young kids? What are some of the problems implied by the article?

  7. Using mobiles while driving Using a phone while driving is as dangerous as driving drunk. • Strongly agree • Neutral • Strongly disagree

  8. Using mobiles while driving

  9. Using mobiles while driving

  10. The Monkey Business Illusion

  11. The Monkey Business Illusion • Raise your hand those who saw the gorilla. • How many of you didn't see the gorilla in the video? • Who can show me what the gorilla did in the video? • Were there any other changes during the video?

  12. The Monkey Business Illusion

  13. The Monkey Business Illusion • What does it mean that some people didn't see the gorilla? • Is it easy for a person to focus on three different actions at once? • Why do you think accidents occur while the driver is talking on the phone?

  14. The Monkey Business Illusion The illusion demonstrates in a powerful waythat people have trouble focusing on more than one thing at a time. Vision is the most important sense for safe driving.

  15. Feedback Now I know how to speak about can understand the information explain the problem say my opinion on … give arguments express my attitude to … During today’s lesson I have got acquainted found out learnt remembered

  16. homework • Write an essay “Advantages and Disadvantages of using mobile phones”

  17. Richie Kavanagh - Mobile Phone