information and communication technology n.
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Information And Communication Technology PowerPoint Presentation
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Information And Communication Technology

Information And Communication Technology

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Information And Communication Technology

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  1. Information And Communication Technology By: Muhib Mansuri TEJ2O0 - A

  2. What is it? • Information and Communication Technology is referred as ICT • ICT implies to technologies that provide access to information through telecommunications • It is very similar to Information Technology (IT), but emphasizes mainly on communication technologies such as the internet, wireless networks and cell phones.

  3. Is ICT a job? • ICT is not a job, but is rather a field that has many technology career opportunities within it • If you get an ICT degree/diploma there are several jobs it can cover from a System Administer/Manager to a Computer Network Designer

  4. ICT Jobs • As mentioned ICT is not a job and varies, but most jobs that require ICT education fall into similar work descriptions • Many ICT jobs require workers to connect computers via internet to share files etc. • With an ICT degree/diploma you can become a software developer or a business system analyst

  5. What type of work would you do? • Maintain and improve networks or servers • Develop cloud based storage or network driven hard drives • Train staff of other workplaces how to use a newly developed network and how to access files and printers • Handle security issues • Managing communication software and hardware

  6. Expected Hours • ICT’s usually work 40 hour weeks, eight hour shifts • Sometimes they may have to work overtime if emergencies come up such as security issues in networks

  7. Earning Potential • Earnings vary widely do to the amount of careers that fall into this field • Computer Network Specialists earn from $20,000 to more than $100,000 a year depending on their education and experience • On the other hand, Business System Analysts can make up to $80,000

  8. Education and Training • It is recommended to take a variety of Business and Computer Science courses in high school to get into ICT programs • You can get into programs such as Communication and Information Technology (CCIT MAJOR) and the ICCIT Professional Development Skills at universities and colleges

  9. Which Universities/Colleges Have Programs? • University of Toronto has a great specialty in Information and Communication Technology and they offer multiple programs like the ones I mentioned before • Sheridan College has impressive programs for Information and Communication Technology such as Faculty of Computer Science and Technology (PITSC)

  10. Qualifications • After completing your education at the University of Toronto you are given a degree/diploma depending on which one of their programs you chose • To get a higher paying career, employers require you to have a minimum bachelor’s degree and to impress them you would need a masters degree, but they also require experience so turning to apprenticeships would help

  11. Employer’s in Peel • Partners Recourse Group – is offering a job called Business Network Analyst in Mississauga, ON. You are required to have 2-5+ years of experience and a bachelor’s degree • Rogers Communications Inc. – is also offering a job as Network Technology Manager in Brampton, ON. For this job you are required to have at least 5-7 years of experience with ICT, minimum bachelor’s degree, and excellent understanding in data centric concepts

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