information and communication technology n.
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Information and Communication Technology PowerPoint Presentation
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Information and Communication Technology

Information and Communication Technology

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Information and Communication Technology

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  1. Information and Communication Technology

  2. Challenge A Day in the life of … Write down every example of your use of technology from the moment that you wake up. The person with the most uses AND the person with the most unique use wins a prize. You have 3 minutes!

  3. Information and Communications Technology Information ICT Communications Technology Information and Communications Technology (ICT): The application of modern communications and computing technologies to the creation, management and use of information. 

  4. Computing Technologies Smart Phone Notebook / Laptop Netbook Tablet Desktop Server Farm Mainframe Connected Media Devices

  5. Commonalities Regardless of the form of the device, they all have the following: • Hardware: CPU, Storage (RAM/ROM, disk and flash), input (keyboard, mice, scanner), output (monitor, printer) • OS: Windows (Vista,7,8), Mac OSX, IOS, Android • Software (applications): productivity, browser (Glossary posted to MyClass)

  6. Communications Technologies Key Terms 1: LAN, Intranet, Extranet, Internet, ISP, WiFi, Broadband, Firewall, cellular

  7. Creating, managing, using Information Information and Communications Technology (ICT): The application of modern communications and computing technologies to the creation, management and use of information.  Key Terms 1: World Wide Web, Host, Webserver, HTML, HTTP, Hyperlink, URL

  8. Video Clip • • 3 minutes

  9. ICT in Business – Task 1 Individual Assignment: Task: On a separate piece of paper, write down as many uses of ICT as you can think of for your assigned department in acompany. • Production & Operations • Human Resources • Management • Sales Team • Marketing (Advertising & Communications) • Customer Service (Call center)

  10. Task 2 Group Assignment: Task:Get together in your departmental groups and share your list with your team. • Discuss each unique use of ICT and choose the top 10 uses of information and communication technologies in the department. • Everyone in the group will need a copy of that list

  11. Task 3 Group Assignment – Jigsaw • Step 1: Assemble into your new group • Step 2: Share with your new team the department you came from and the 10 uses of ICT that your department came up with. • Step 3: INDIVIDUALLY write down all of the uses of technology that were shared by more than one department. For each of these items, write down all of the departments that shared this use of ICT. • Step 4: On the back of that piece of paper, write down all of the unique items and the department that the ICT use came from

  12. Task 4 Task 4: Case study question – Individual assignment Please return to your seats and answer the question below individually using the information that you came up with as a cross-functional team. SWAG Inc. is a clothing retailer is in a very competitive market and has faced intense competition from new competitors over the last five years. They have lost a lot of market share but feel that their new clothing lines are appealing to their customers again. Their goal is to increase revenue by 20% and market share by 5%. Sales from the previous year showed a renewed interest in their products. Management feels that it is time to make key investments in their information and communications infrastructure to support their growth initiatives. In fact, cost cutting in recent years had stopped all technology purchases. All of their software and technology is 4-5 years old. It is time for change and growth. Answer the following question: • Based on your understanding of SWAG’s situation and the uses of technology that your cross-functional team created, what are your top five recommendations to help SWAG upgrade their ICT infrastructure? Why did you make each of those recommendations?

  13. Thinking Questions • Explain how ICT affects the functions of a business. • Explain how ICT affects employability at various levels of skill.