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the intolerable acts n.
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The Intolerable Acts PowerPoint Presentation
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The Intolerable Acts

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The Intolerable Acts
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The Intolerable Acts

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  1. The Intolerable Acts By: A.M.Y and R.Z.A

  2. The Port Of Boston After the Boston tea party the British decided to punish Massachusetts by closing the Boston port. This meant the people of Massachusetts could not ship in goods or food.

  3. What would happen if all U.S. ports were closed offin the 21st century? If this were to happen to us in the 21st century, we believe our country would still be able to function and have healthy lives because. We believe this because in the 21st century, farmers use modern technology to mass produce crops and dairy products. Modern technology has changed the way we live today, and although if we could export and import goods, it would not cut off the basic necessities needed to survive. In the United States we could also rely on jobs from our natural resources such as fishing or hunting.

  4. Town Meetings After the Boston tea party British punished Massachusetts by pacing an act that said Massachusetts cannot hold town meetings more than once a year without permission from the British.

  5. Customs Officers and officials After the Boston Tea Party, the governor punished Boston by allowing customs officers and other officials to be tried in Britain and Canada instead of Massachusetts

  6. A New Quartering act A new Quartering Act said British soldiers had to be housed by citizens of Boston

  7. The End!!!!