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Intolerable Acts

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Intolerable Acts
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Intolerable Acts

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  1. Intolerable Acts

  2. Let’s Think Back… Last event we discussed? Boston Tea Party How do you think the British felt about the Boston Tea Party?

  3. EFFECT of the Boston Tea Party: Boston is Punished.

  4. Intolerable Acts- a.k.a. Coercive Acts Laws passed by Parliament to punish the people of Boston for the Boston Tea Party

  5. General Thomas Gage • As part of the Massachusetts Government Act, Britain put General Thomas Gage in charge of Massachusetts.

  6. General Effect of the Intolerable Acts • Prediction: How do you think the colonists reacted to these Acts?

  7. “forced many colonists to take sides”Britain vs. Boston (p. 280) Patriots Opposed British rule Took Boston’s side Loyalists Loyal to King George and British government Took Britain’s side Would you have been a Loyalist, or a Patriot? Why?

  8. Remind me: What were the Committees of Correspondence? • Committee of Correspondence- group of leaders from 13 colonies, making sure all of the colonies could communicate with each other • What was their goal? • help unify the colonies What will the Committees plan next???

  9. First ContinentalCongress • Representatives from 12 colonies (out of how many?) met to discuss a reaction to the Intolerable Acts Virginia sent a V.I.P….

  10. Do you know who this is? “I will raise one thousand men… and march myself at their head for the relief of Boston.”

  11. First ContinentalCongressTakes a Vote • Congress voted to STOP All trade with Britain until the Acts were repealed. (What’s that word mean again?)

  12. Militias • Volunteer armies • Minutemen were militia groups that could be ready at a minute’s notice to defend their colony.

  13. The 5 Intolerable (Coercive) Acts Massachusetts Government Act Definition: King George chooses everyone in charge of the Massachusetts colony (government officials, etc.)

  14. The 5 Intolerable (Coercive) Acts 2. Boston Port Act Definition: closed Boston’s ports Why?

  15. The 5 Intolerable (Coercive) Acts 3. Administration of Justice Act Definition: British officials could go home to England for trial. This often meant that their crimes were forgiven (remember Boston Massacre!).

  16. The 5 Intolerable (Coercive) Acts 4. Quartering Act Definition: To help pay for cost of sending soldiers to England, colonists were forced to provide soldiers with housing and food for the soldiers.

  17. The 5 Intolerable (Coercive) Acts 5. Quebec Act Definition: Expanded Canadian territory, which already didn’t have a representative in Parliament but was okay with that. Demonstrated purposeful mistreatment of colonists.

  18. Name: Boston Port Act Intolerable Acts Sheet Quartering Act Impartial Administration of Justice Act Quebec Act Massachusetts Bay Regulating Act

  19. Expanded Canadian territory to spite colonists Colonists forced to house and feed soldiers Boston’s ports are closed: no more trade. King George chooses people in charge British officials could go home for trials. Colonists forced to house and feed soldiers Boston’s ports are closed: no more trade. Expanded Canadian territory to spite colonists British officials could go home for trials. King George chooses people in charge

  20. Patriots vs. Loyalists Patriot Loyalist