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Softball Mechanic Tutorial PowerPoint Presentation
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Softball Mechanic Tutorial

Softball Mechanic Tutorial

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Softball Mechanic Tutorial

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  1. Softball Mechanic Tutorial • The following tutorial is for Softball Two Umpire mechanics • The following situations are meant to serve as a guide based on the field mechanic class • All situations assume a normal fielder setup • All situations assume no interference or obstruction • All situations have no umpire going out a fly ball Start

  2. Softball Batters Box 3’ 4’ 3’ Batter's Box 3 feet x 7 feet 10’ Catcher’s Box 10 feet x 8 feet 5 inches 8’ 5”

  3. Strike Zone ASA Rules Definitions 1.0 STRIKE ZONE When the batter assumes a natural batting stance adjacent to home plate, the strike zone is the area over home plate between batter’s A. (Fast Pitch) Armpits and top of the knees natural Arm Pits A STRIKE is any pitch that either enters the strike zone without first touching the ground or is swung at by the batter and missed. Official Strike Zone Top of knees Note Width of home plate is 17”. Diameter of the ball is approximately 4”. The effective width of the strike zone is 25” 25 inches

  4. Bounding Ball Coverage w/ no runners PU has call to front of the base Plate Umpire makes call FAIR BALL B FOUL BALL Bounding ball P Straddle foul line as quickly as possible P

  5. No Runner Take runner to 2nd if he continues Take runner to 3rd if he continues Start in foul territory 12-18 feet behind 1st base Ground ball to LF B Buttonhook inside to see BR touch 1st B B B P In case PU needs to help with call at 3rd Plate Umpire trails runner to ½ way to start of running lane P Exit to the left of the catcher PU heads back home to take call P

  6. Fly Ball Coverage w/ runners 10-12 feet of left shoulder of 2nd baseman B Button hook in and watch for tag-up at 1st and be ready to make call at 2nd B 2nd R Plate Umpire has all catch/no-catch calls P P Go up 3rd base line if to LF Go up 1st base line if to RF P

  7. Runner at 1st w/ ground ball to infield Ground ball to SS B 2nd R P PU will take play at 3rd Plate Umpire trails runner to ¼ way to start of running lane P PU heads back home to play home P

  8. Runners on 1st & 2nd w/ ground ball to outfield R B Ground ball to LF SS R P Go up 3rd base line but watch for obstruction call at 1st PU heads back home to take call P

  9. Plate Umpire Positions After play, return to starting position Take a 8-10 position from foul line Take a 8-10 position in fair territory Ball in coming in from fair territory P Ball in coming in from foul territory P P P Starting position behind the catcher