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60 Years of Challenge PowerPoint Presentation
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60 Years of Challenge

60 Years of Challenge

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60 Years of Challenge

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  1. 60 Years of Challenge The Fast Escalation Private Seminar Workbook

  2. Introduction

  3. Your Real Fear You are not scared to escalate, your real fear is making an overt physical move. For example, it’s very easy to use incidental touching. Not making that overt physical move eventually leads you to the friend zone. You are not afraid of having sex, your real fear is revealing that your interest in her is sexual, whether that be verbally or non-verbally Not revealing that your interest in her is sexual leads to being screened as a potential boyfriend, not a passionate lover The dating and waiting frame, like many other guys in her life that she is not having sex with

  4. 3 Bold Moves In seduction there are three bold moves you need to make, not just one. 1. Get the first word out of your mouth 2. Make ONE overt physical move 3. Reveal that your interest in her is sexual At the end of the day everything else we talk about is mental masturbation. If you can’t do these 3 things you will never be good at this. Eventually you will have to make a bold move.

  5. Part I Seduction

  6. What Creates Attraction There are hundreds of things people claim create attraction from being funny to having money Tension is a big part of what creates attraction That’s because the feeling of tension mimics the physical symptoms of what is feels like to be attracted to someone Tension gets her heart beating, breathing faster, and her thoughts racing - she’s thinking about you So just by doing and saying basically nothing tension naturally creates the same feeling you are trying so hard to manufacture artificially by talking, entertaining, and telling stories

  7. SEXUAL TENSION The Anticipation of Pleasure

  8. Anti-Manifesto How do I create tension is a needy statement Tension between a man and a woman is natural. It’s already there. The real question is do you want to or are you man enough to tap into it. You already have an automatic connection with most women. As such you don’t really need to do or say anything special. By definition most tension between a man and a woman has a sexual undercurrent.

  9. Anti-Manifesto Your main focus should be on not breaking that natural tension that is already there by talking and entertaining Tension will reveal itself in the short pauses and silences. Tension is your best tool for creating attraction but guys are constantly trying to break it.

  10. The Feeling of Sexual Tension In our culture and the media we can’t even mention the topic of sex without trying to diffuse it with nervous laughter. So if most people can’t even deal with the topic of sex, just imagine how they react to the feeling they get in the form of sexual tension when taking to an attractive woman. Of course, they try to break the tension and push it away. Feel like they always have to be the person talking Being funny, making jokes Get very nervous and fidget when there is silence Eye-contact makes them uncomfortable

  11. Sexual Tension Sexual Tension is a FEELING you tap into by being relaxed, not a certain LOOK you must have – like chiseled facial features In other words, you don’t need to be good looking to create sexual tension But in advertising you only see good looking people representing “sexual tension” For example, a good looking guy staring at a hot girl supposedly equals sexual tension Even ugly people can tap into sexual tension

  12. Breaking Rapport is a Trap In order to create some TENSION the community has always focused on breaking rapport by teasing women and being cocky Women will use this as an excuse to reject you Sometimes you go home and feel like a jerk Maybe being cocky is not congruent with your true personality There is no need to break rapport to create tension when you can just create sexual tension instead You don’t break rapport but she still she doesn’t feel comfortable around you because you are escalating quickly Don’t use any tools that create tension only to sacrifice rapport

  13. Women Bait You to Reduce Tension do you always just go around talking to strangers I don’t worry about creating rapport, only that I don’t let her bait me to break it. When you get good your biggest issue becomes women baiting you to break rapport Women will bait you to break rapport (debate, qualify yourself) They do this in order to reduce sexual tension and turn the vibe back to social. When you get tested hold seductive eye-contact, smile, and turn your head away slowly.

  14. Risk Creepy It’s called the seduction community not the social community The whole point of being social and talking to girls is to give yourself more chances to be seductive Being social doesn’t get you laid because it’s way too much work. Being seductive gives you a better chance. The vibe transitions form Social - Seductive - Sexual She can observe you being social with your mates and her girlfriends but the one on one vibe between you and her should be seductive. To be considered very seductive you will need to risk creepy Creepy is a label that scares guys to death - That is why most guys always act “social” around women.

  15. Are you Creepy or Sexy? It all depends if she likes you or not. You can do the exact same seductive things and get two different reactions from women. If she starts getting aroused she might give you the “you’re weird” look. This is a test to scare guys into going back to being social with her. You don’t want to BE creepy you just want to RISK the fact that she might imply for a second that you are creepy when you use deadpan face contact, keep silent, and move closer to her. How to create a seductive vibe? Hold Deadpan Face Contact Move Closer Quickly Listen, say and do nothing Be comfortable with silence and pauses

  16. Seductive Listening “The most interesting man in the world is a good listener”

  17. The Secret to Seductive Listening Want to Learn More? Get Your Complete Game Seduction Pack Today!

  18. 60 Years of Challenge