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60 Years in Netherton PowerPoint Presentation
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60 Years in Netherton

60 Years in Netherton

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60 Years in Netherton

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    1. 60 Years in Netherton Netherton Feelgood Factory

    2. What is the Project? It is a project for local people to celebrate the last 60 years of Netherton It is a year-long project and will culminate in an exhibition in the week of the Jubilee, 28th May to the 1st June

    3. Why are we doing this? Today we live in a society that tends to have a global more than a local view.

    4. Why are we doing this? Although the wider world view is a good thing, it can mean that a lot of people are more aware of what is happening in, say, America that on their own doorsteps.

    5. Why are we doing this? The lack of local focus leads people to get their heroes, aspirations and ideas about how life is from magazines, TV, films, the Internet etc.

    6. Why are we doing this? As a consequence a number of people, particularly younger people, feel dissatisfied with their own lives and neighbours because they dont match up to the celluloid ideal.

    7. Why are we doing this? And yet Netherton has as many heroes and reasons to be proud as anywhere else.

    8. Thats why were doing this To find the heroes To record the events To help local people feel proud of what has been achieved

    9. What do we want to achieve? A developing Web page to record what we are doing from the beginning An exhibition in Jubilee week itself A written record of our work

    10. What do we want to achieve? But, most of all, we want local people, including younger people, to feel good about themselves and their community.

    11. How will we do this? We will divide everyone interested into groups based around each of the last six decades There will be one or two group leaders who will meet monthly to share information People can be hands on as much or as little as they want

    12. How will we do this? We will keep in touch by news sheets, meetings where possible and through the web page No one needs to be an expert Age is not a problem we will also need people whose era was 2000 to 2010 You dont need to have lived in Netherton for years to take part interest is all that is required.

    13. What will be included? Thats up to you!

    14. What will be included? You need to ask What was it like living at that time? What were the big concerns of people? Where did people work?

    15. What will be included? What was it like to be at school? How did people spend their leisure time? What did they wear? What music were they listening to?

    16. The more technical stuff Historical evidence falls into several categories: Primary Secondary Oral Physical

    17. Primary Evidence = original Advertisements Theatre or football programmes Letters Minutes of meetings/other records Newspapers etc. etc

    18. Secondary Evidence = written by others Books Articles Biographies etc. etc

    19. Oral Evidence = spoken memories Tapes Films Can be memories of local and national events etc. etc

    20. Physical Evidence Buildings Streets Photographs Memorabilia e.g. records, clothes, equipment Maps etc. etc

    21. How do I get involved? Just complete a project information form and hand in to the Feelgood Factory. Please select which decade or decades you are interested in. Where possible please give an email address. We dont have funding for this project so we need to keep costs to a minimum.

    22. What happens then? Once we have your details you will be kept involved of relevant meetings, work etc. You will also be kept informed of the progress of the project.

    23. Thank You Contact Details: Sandra Duncan The Netherton Feelgood Factory, Glovers Lane, Netherton, L30 5QW Tel: 0151 291 8010 Email: Website: