forms of state support good practices in belgium n.
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Forms of state support. Good practices in Belgium PowerPoint Presentation
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Forms of state support. Good practices in Belgium

Forms of state support. Good practices in Belgium

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Forms of state support. Good practices in Belgium

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  1. Forms of state support. Good practices in Belgium Regulatory policies: • Anti-discrimination law • Awareness campaigns • Incentives part of employment equity and diversity policy. • NO Quota obligation: only for government’s administration (4.5%) Employment must be a choice.

  2. Compensatory policies • improvement of capacities of PWD in rehabilitation and vocational training. • adapting production requirements to abilities of disabled people.(Studio adaptation for manager going blind…400.000 €) • adapting working conditions, wage subsidies, material, working environment. • improving matching process: screening, mediation, guidance on the pathway to work, specialist vocational training, job-coaching.. • payed by & implemented by VDAB & recognised organizations • People disabled for work are entitled to special employment measures based on disability type & severity (Adaptation of working environment / Interpreter for the hearing impaired / easy system of wage subsidies for employers / Career counseling / Sheltered employment. )

  3. Evolutions & good practices Better anti-discrimination approach as result of new definition of disability & introduction of concept of labour-disability=“Every important & longstanding problem of participation into working life due to the interaction of impairments of mental, sensory, psychological or physical nature, limitations in the performance of activities and personal or external factors.” The GTB- concept. In most cases those people are referred to a special counselor from a “ Specialised Pathways to work and guidance service” GTB. Public funded NGO. The GTB staff is embedded in the VDAB werkwinkels: “One-counter ”

  4. Employment Pathway for PWD Open labour market Employers VDAB & other mainstream vocational training, counseling aso GTB “Ticket” to be issued by Specialised work oriented evaluation Sheltered workplaces

  5. GTB Contactphase AcquaintanceWHO AM I? (re-) START of cooperation G T B T RAJEECTORY Coun-seling & Guidance GO SCREENING WHAT CAN I DO? ORIENTATION WHAT DO I WANT? GTB TRAJECTORY DETERMINATION WHAT WILL I DO? GOBVocational Training Better value & perspectives GOB Apprenticeship/On-the-job GOBMediation & Jobfinding: Support in application & contractphase GOBFollow-up & After care GOB&GTBCareer counseling & Career support

  6. career-transitions Careerstart Career transitions & threats Career-landing Life Long Learning / care-work Education 4 R E T I R E M E N T Schools & special schools 5 C Evolutions in cliënts profile & environment DEvolutions in labour-market sectors& employers BEvolutions in tasks job & Function profile 1 2 Career decisions (FT/PT - job change 3 Unemployment

  7. Most recent Evolutions & good practices • Career counseling for all: Equal opportunities by career selfmanagementCareer-selfmanagement happens when a person has the freedom of choice, and when he is the steering factor in his own integration into the labour proces. • Concept of reasonable adaptations= adaptation by measures compensating the limiting impact of an unadapted environment on the PWD. • give the good example. In government & social profit. Job-link employs in its staff more than 20% PWD. Also in career jobclick. Positive image building!

  8. Some questions: Do you think it is normal that People with a disability have the right to work on an equal basis with others? People with a disability should have the opportunity to gain a living by work freely chosen or accepted in a labour market and a work environment that is open, inclusive and accessible? Your authorities should safeguard and promote the realization of the right to work, including for those who acquire a disability during the course of employment, by taking appropriate steps, including through legislation? 3x yes? Then you are in excellent company! Many states agreed that these opinions are rights. They signed article 27 of the convention of the UN So: the times they are changing! More info on the UN CONVENTION: