unfold your life n.
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Unfold your life

Unfold your life

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Unfold your life

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  1. Unfold your life

  2. Charasteristics: Viscosity High elasticity Toughness Flexibility Longevity Ecological friendliness What is it for?? Beds, Sofas, Chairs, Tables, Shelves, Linens, Tents, Flexible packages, Portative baths and pools, Camping furniture Trampolines! What you can do with it: Create your form Develop your design Jump on it

  3. “I like studio photographing; it will be perfect to have much space at home to make photo sessions!” Rita Panfilova, Photographer “My mom always becomes angry when I jump on my bed. If only there were something to jump at home!!!” LeraZakurdaeva, child “I want to reorganize my office in more functional and ergonomic way.” AndreyErmoshenko, businessman

  4. “Party organization is my passion; creating something new for every party will attract many people.” MikeSedov, student “I have many things to use while working, and my table is overloaded all the time. I need MORE space!” Lilia Galautdinova, manager

  5. Interview Antonio Citterio - one of the most famous modern designers. We want to get his professional opinion. We think he is the right person to ask about viability and relevance of our idea. • How do you think, will the nanofurniture change the attitude to the modern architecture? • Will it affect on the invention of a new style? • What do you think about the material we choose for our project. Will it be convenient to work with? • Do you think idea with nanomaterials is more functional problem solving or just fun? • Would you like to use such a nanomaterials in your works? • Will people accept or reject our idea?