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Your life PowerPoint Presentation

Your life

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Your life

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  1. Your life Increase the volume and click to get started.

  2. There are moments in your life when you miss someone so strongly, that you could realise your dreams by holding this person close to you.

  3. When the door to hapiness is closed, another door always will be opened. But many of us continue stearing at the closed door, with the result that we not get eye on the opportunity behind the new, opened door.

  4. Don`t look at the skin – often it is false. Don`t pay to much attention in wealthyness – it often disappear. Seek someone who is happy and wants to laugh together with you. Joy and laughter can change a bad day to a better one.

  5. Dream what you want to dream. Go where you want to go and seek just what you want to seek . Because life is unique, it depends on how you want to forme it.

  6. The lucky one is not always they who have the best life. Often they only take the best of what they meet on their way.

  7. The happiness of your future depends on your will to leave the past behind you.

  8. Live the life completely and try always to be positive .... even in tough times..

  9. Forward this message to all that means something for you.....

  10. ... just the way I have done.

  11. … to they who have meant something for you in your life.

  12. … and to they who made you laugh when you really needed it.

  13. … to they who encouraged you when you had a tough time.

  14. … to your friends.

  15. … and to they who just passed by .

  16. … to they who look up to you for help and support. … to they who need you by their side.

  17. Don`t disturbe any possibility to bring sunshine into other people`s life. Just some encourageing words can mean a universe of difference

  18. Life is more than just breathing. A good life is made of minutes that almost leave you breathless!

  19. Life is beautiful..!

  20. Espescial together with good friends..!

  21. May all your moments of life be filled with happiness.