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  1. Detroit

  2. Landforms Detroit River It is a river that flows through Detroit that runs 28 miles starting at Lake St. Clair and ending at Lake Erie. It classifies as both a river and a strait. The river has no dams and an east to West flow. The history of the river states that it was first navigated by non-natives in the 17th century. The first people to settle in Detroit were the French. During the War of 1812, they Americans had a Fort on the river called, Fort Detroit. The British tried to invade from Canada and they succeeded at the Battle of Fort Detroit. The Detroit River is also a hub of transportation of goods and people. Islands around Detroit Belle Isle, Calf Island , Celeron Island, Edmond Island, Elba Island, Elizabeth Park, Fox Island, Grassy Island, Grosse Ile, Humbug Island, Hickory Island, Horse Island, Mamajuda Island, Meso Island, Mud Island, Powder House Island, Round Island, Stony Island, Sturgeons Bar, Sugar Island, Swan Island, Zug Island. Those are the list of the islands on Detroit and the Detroit River.

  3. Pictures of Landforms and Rivers in Detroit Belle Isle Detroit River

  4. Language Spoken The Language Spoken in Detroit is English

  5. Mayor of Detroit Dave Bing Dave Bing is an interesting mayor to say the least. Dave Bing is a former Detroit Pistons NBA player. He came into a lot of trouble since the last mayor of Detroit, Kwame Kilpatrick, was involved in many criminal cases, most of them trying to cover up for his chief of staff. Dave Bing owns his own company called Bing Group. It is a successful company. Dave Bing is a part of the Democratic party. Dave Bing

  6. Major Economy The Auto Industry In Detroit everything you see when you look around is advertisements for auto companies such as Ford, General Motors, Chrysler, etc. Those companies are stationed in Detroit and provide for almost one-fifth of the employment base. In the 80’s the city lost 39 percent of it manufacturing. Since then the city has bounced back with the auto industry at the top. Most of the world’s supply of auto parts, such as Delphi and Guardian are made in Detroit. Another industry that is booming in Detroit is the advertising business. Companies such as Campbell-Ewald, BBDO, and McCann-Erickson make millions of dollars being stationed in Detroit. This is because of the big cash flow coming in off the auto industries. These jobs are one of the only things keeping this high-crime town in place.

  7. Pictures of Big Companies in Detroit General Motors Headquarters Chrysler Headquarters Ford Headquarters

  8. Detroit’s Holidays • New Year’s Day • Martin Luther King Jr. Day • President’s Day • Memorial Day • Independence Day • Labor Day • Columbus Day • Veterans Day • Thanksgiving Day • Noel Night • Christmas Day Noel Night Poster 2012

  9. Tourist Attractions Comerica Park Guardian Building Detroit Institute of Arts Greektown Ford Field

  10. Ford Field • Ford Field is a great place to go in Detroit if you like sports. Ford Field is home to the Detroit Lions. The football team for the city. It is a dome and was built in 1999 and was opened in 2002. It is a nice heated place to sit and watch a football game.

  11. Greektown • If you are in Detroit and you like Greek cuisine go to Greektown. There are two hot dog restaurants you might want to check out when you are there One is named Lafayette Coney Island and the other is American Coney Island. These are real hot dogs. Best in Detroit guaranteed. The funny thing is they have a rivalry between each other for the best hot dog. When you go to Detroit make sure you go to stop into Greektown.

  12. Comerica Park • If you like real baseball you have to go to Comerica Park. I have been to it, and it is truly one of the best ballparks I have ever been to. They have a very good baseball team, who made it to the World Series this past year. The Tigers are the main feature for sports in Detroit and the ballpark has such great energy. So if you are in Detroit, you have to watch the Tigers play.

  13. Detroit Institute of Art • One of the main features in Detroit besides the food, sports, and beautiful architecture, is the art. The place to go is the Detroit Institute of Art. It is considered to be one of the best art collections in the U.S. It has over 65,000 art collections. If you are art enthusiast I recommend you go to the Detroit Institute of Art.

  14. The Guardian Building • The Guardian Building is a truly a Detroit gem. It was built by the Union Trust Company in 1928 to help with economic boom of Detroit at that time. The building is known as “the cathedral of finance” because of how luxurious. It is a magnificent and beautiful.

  15. Interesting Facts about Detroit • Detroit was the first city to make a paved road. • It is the home to ice cream soda. • Provided about three-fourths of banned liquor during prohibition. • Detroit had the first ever radio news broadcast. • Has the only floating post office in the U.S. • Largest park within a city. • Only city that a person can look south to Canada. • Huge salt mines lie beneath part of the city. • It was the city to create the music style of techno. • It is the sports capital of the Midwest, with so many winning teams.

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