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  1. Keegan's Project Cheetahs

  2. What Do Cheetah's Eat? • Cheetah’s are carnivores. They eat other animals like rabbits, antelope, warthogs, and birds. • When they catch their prey, they will suffocate the other animal with its teeth until it’s dead.

  3. Where Do Cheetah's Live? • Cheetah’s once lived throughout Asia, North Africa and India. But today they are only commonly found in sub-Saharan African Grasslands. 1960, there were about 56,000 cheetahs left. Today there may be as few as 15,000. In Iran there are only about 100 cheetahs left.

  4. This picture shows where Cheetah’s lived About 100 years ago. The Red areas show Where the African Cheetah’s lived and the Green shows where the Asian ones lived. About 1900 This shows where they live today Today

  5. What Do Cheetah's Weigh? • An adult cheetah weighs 80-140 pounds. They are about 32 inches tall from the shoulder to the ground. And they measure about 32 inches from shoulder to shoulder. The males are a little larger than females. Cheetahs are sometimes mistaken for leopards – the only difference is cheetahs have a tear mark by there eye to their mouth.

  6. What Do Cheetah's Sound Like? • Unlike other cats, Cheetahs do not roar. They make other sounds like: • Bleating- sounds like a house cats meow but the Cheetah uses it as a distress call. • Barks • Growls • Hisses • Chirps • The loudest contact call is the YELP that can be heard for over 2 kilometers!

  7. Baby Cheetahs • At birth, cheetah cubs are 11 inches long and weigh 0.6 pounds. Their fur is gray in color and they have a long hair strip from the top of their heads down to their back. This strip of hair helps them to hide in the grass until they are 3 months old, then it begins to disappear. • Cubs that can survive the first 5 months of their life can outrun any adult carnivores, except of course their fellow adult cheetahs. • Cubs stay with the litter they were born with until they are 23 months old.

  8. How Fast Do Cheetah's Run? • Cheetah’s run very fast. As they are chasing their prey they can run up to 60-75 mph (miles per hour).

  9. Why Are Cheetah's Becoming Extinct? • Cheetahs need large areas to live in. A lot of their land is being turned into farmland. Sometimes a cheetah will attack a farmers cattle. Farmers kill many cheetahs by setting traps and shooting them. • Poachers also shoot cheetahs for their spotted fur. The furs are also sold to make coats and rugs. • Fortunately selling cheetah fur is now illegal. Groups such as the World Wildlife Fund are working to stop poaching and save the cheetah.

  10. Things Made Out Of Cheetah Skin Everything on this page was made because a cheetah was killed.

  11. Bibliography • • • Cheetah “ Animals in Danger” by Rod Theodorou

  12. THE END!