reclaimed inputs n.
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Reclaimed Inputs

Reclaimed Inputs

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Reclaimed Inputs

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  1. Version: 02 Oct 2008 Reclaimed Inputs FSC-STD-40-007 Version 1-0 Supplementary standard to CoC FSC-STD-40-004

  2. TOPICS Introduction to FSC-STD-40-007 • Applicability • Effective Dates • Definitions & Examples The Standard Complete Overview 1 2 3 CB Auditing of Reclaimed Suppliers

  3. Introduction to FSC-STD-40-007 FSC Standard for Sourcing Reclaimed Material for Use in FSC Product Groups or FSC-certified Projects 1 2 3

  4. Applicability FSC-STD-40-007 applies to any Organization using reclaimed inputs in its FSC Product Groups Post-consumer reclaimed inputs Pre-consumer reclaimed inputs For: FSC Mixed Product Groups FSC Recycled Product Groups NOT applicable to FSC Recycled inputs from FSC-certified suppliers

  5. Effective Dates Systems for reclaimed inputs shall meet 40-007 requirements when the Organization is evaluated against 40-004V2: 1st April 2008 Required for all new assessments, all companies 1st January 2009 Required for all annual audits, all reassessments, all companies

  6. Definitions Reclaimed material: material that demonstrably would have been otherwise disposed of as waste or used for energy recovery. • Post-consumer:reclaimed from a consumer or commercial product that has been used for its intended purpose by individuals, households, or by commercial, industrial, institutional facilities. • Pre-consumer:reclaimed from a process of secondary manufacture or further downstream industry in which the material has not been intentionally produced.

  7. Examples Solid Wood Materials NOT reclaimed: By-products capable of being reused in the same manufacturing process Co-products from primary manufacturing

  8. Examples Fiber Materials NOT reclaimed: Mill broke, butt rolls, dry paper trimmings/other dry and wet paper by-products at the paper mill Forest debris remaining from harvest or otherwise collected

  9. The Standard Complete Overview 1 2 3

  10. 1. Input Specifications 1.1 Ensure reclaimed inputs are described in purchase and delivery documentation in accordance with Annexes I and II • Define reclaimed inputs based on FSC definitions and examples provided • Use clear language in purchasing system to specify post- vs. pre- consumer • Ensure supplier documentation provides a clear description of the input to verify it as post- or pre- consumer

  11. 2. Supplier Audit Program 2.1 Specify the evidence for the reclaimed category: • Identify the documents and other evidence demonstrating reclaimed materials comply with standard requirements • Provide rationale for this evidence • Documents may be supplier product descriptions, supplier invoice, supplier shipping documents, agreement/contract with supplier • Other evidence may be pictures, reports, on-site investigations, declarations • Rationale provides the company’s reasons behind this evidence as support of the reclaimed category

  12. 2. Supplier Audit Program 2.2 Specify and implement supplier audit program to verify authenticity of evidence (at least annual) 2.3 Specify personnel and qualifications / training measures to carry out supplier audits Specify audit program in documented procedures including • Frequency • Intensity • Auditors • Auditor qualifications and training • Implementsupplier audits prior to or soon after receiving reclaimed inputs for use in FSC products *External auditors (including CBs) may be hired to conduct the audit program

  13. 3. Supplier Audits 3.1 Auditors shall demonstrateexpertise and competence in implementing the audits • Expertise and competence are verified through: • Interviews • Written reports

  14. 3. Supplier Audits 3.2 On-site visits to supplier sites: y = 0.8√x y = number of sites to visit x = total number of sites across all suppliers Sample is alternating and representative in terms of: • Geographic distribution • Activities and/or products • Size and/or annual production [Supplier site “any facility acting as physical point of delivery of the material received by the organization”] Audit program shall demonstrate a sampling minimum that meets the FSC equation and selection process

  15. 3. Supplier Audits 3.3 Supplier audits shall be conducted in timely fashion after receipt of the reclaimed material 3.4 Auditor shall check and verify authenticity of evidence pertaining to the inputs, in terms of • Quantity • Quality • Compliance with FSC definitions and examples for post- or pre- consumer reclaimed • “Timely fashion” has not been defined, but needs to proceed shortly following use of the inputs for FSC products • Compliance with FSC definitions is the key aspect to the supplier audit program

  16. 4. Verification by the Certification Body 4.1 Required documents and other evidence are available to CB auditors 4.2 Supplier audit records and reports: • Include findings of the audit • Experience & qualifications of the auditor(s) • Are maintained for 5 years 4.3 Supplier audit records are available to SW auditors • Documents and other evidence are reviewed for adequacy to support the reclaimed classification • Supplier audit records are reviewed to verify the audit process, auditor expertise, findings to support reclaimed classification

  17. TOPICS 1 2 3 CB Auditing of Reclaimed Suppliers

  18. Audit Evaluation (FSC-STD-20-011) CB shall conduct on-site audits of reclaimed suppliers: • 20% sampling of supplier sites audited in the Organization’s sample • Implemented with first annual audit (but not at the assessment phase) • CB audit functions to confirm the results of the Organization’s audit CB audit sampling not necessary when the Organization has hired a CB to conduct all audits

  19. 7. Exercises LINK TO EXERCISE Note: you must exit presentation mode and double-click on the ‘word’ icon to open exercise

  20. THANK YOU!