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American Civil War PowerPoint Presentation
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American Civil War

American Civil War

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American Civil War

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  1. American Civil War Introduction Lesson Quiz

  2. Mr. walsh’s 6th grade History We will be learning information about the American Civil War and slavery in the United States of America. After viewing these slides, you will be able to. . . Explain the role slavery played during the United States Civil War. Explain the events that ultimately led to the United States Civil War. Discuss the various battles that took place during the United States Civil War.

  3. Lesson 1 Today we will learn about the United States Civil War. We will examine specific events that led to war in the states. We will also look into specific battles that took place between the two sides. Last but not least we will examine the role slavery played in the conflict. Let's Begin Lesson Directions

  4. Causes for the United States Civil War Economic and social issues between the north and south were drastically different. The election of Abraham Lincoln as president Fight between slave state and non slave state proponents. The abolition movement continued to grow. Southern states begin to succeed.

  5. Lesson Cont. African Americans in the south served as cooks, slaves, guards, soldiers, and man servants for the south during the war. Southerners were concerned that if blacks possessed weapons, they would use them against the whites.

  6. Lesson Cont. The battle of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania was fought on July 1st – 3rd 1863. It was the bloodiest battle of the American Civil War. It was the costliest battle during the Civil War. 9 generals were killed or mortally wounded during the fighting.

  7. Lesson Cont. One third of the soldiers who fought for the north were either immigrants or African American. African Americans refused pay for several months due to unequal pay compared to that of white soldiers. Harriet Tubman freed many slaves using her underground railroad and she conducted a raid that freed many slaves.

  8. Lesson Directions Make sure to read all the information presented thoroughly. Take notes if necessary. You will navigate through the presentation by clicking the buttons at the bottom of each slide. The one at the left will take you to the previous slide and the one on the right will take you to the next. After the lesson is completed you can click the button to redo the lesson, the button to return to the first slide, or the button to take the quiz. Only take the quiz if you have a firm grasp of the information.

  9. Lesson Cont. Lesson Complete Congratulations The army of the north was nearly twice the size of that of the south. The north also had nearly three times the amount that the south had. More than 600,000 individuals died during the United States Civil War. Begin Quiz Return to first slide Return to beginning of Lesson

  10. Quiz time Harry Truman The election of what president was one of the causes for the United States Civil War? Abraham Lincoln James Polk

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  13. Quiz Time Cooks African Americans in the south served as all of these except Guards Plantation Owners

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  16. Quiz Time 1/2 How many soldiers in the north were immigrants or African American? 1/3

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