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  1. Wildlife Protection 人教版 必修二 Unit 4 reading 福建省云霄一中 吴淑琼

  2. Lead-in Brainstorming When we talk about wildlife, what will we think of?

  3. They are endangered. What should we do? Lead-in

  4. How Daisy Learned to Help Wildlife Reading Read Paragraph1 and find the repeated nouns: wildlife; antelope Form an idea: What happened to the antelope? being killed for fur be endangered What should be done to help it Prediction: What may Paragraph2 be about?

  5. How Daisy Learned to Help Wildlife Reading Read Paragraph2 Test your prediction: about a place where there’s some wildlife protection. Find repeated nouns: elephant; farmers; government

  6. Reading How Daisy Learned to help Wildlife Read Paragraph2 Form an idea: being protected at present endangered in the past (governments’ help; paying farmers to visit animals) number is increasing Discussion: What else should we do to protect wildlife besides helping to increase their number? Prediction: The following paragraphs may be about protecting the habitat.

  7. Reading How Daisy Learned to Help Wildlife Read Paragraph3-4 Test your prediction: a place where animals live. about Find repeated nouns: rainforest; monkey; drugs Form an idea: No rainforest, no animals, no drugs • pay more attention to the habitat (rainforest)

  8. Reading How Daisy Learned to Help Wildlife Reading tips: When doing some Reading Comprehension, we should pay attention to the repeated nouns in the text. We can make use of them to get a main idea of the text. In this way , we can understand the whole text better.

  9. Blank-filling Read the text aloud after the tape and summarize the whole passage in a short paragraph.

  10. One day, Daisy d_______ a strange dream. She flew in a wonderful c_____ to talk with an antelope in Tibet. The antelope told her they were hunted because of their____, ______ can be used to make sweaters like hers. In three years they may all be gone. Later, she flew to Zimbabwe ______ she talked with an elephant and got to know the farmers there no longer hunted them. That’s _______ the government decided to help and the farmers finally ____________ a lot of money. At last she arrived at the thick __________ where a monkey told her “No rainforest, no animals, no drugs.” ________________ finally everything was gone, she had _________ so much. reamed arpet fur which where because made/earned rainforest Although/Though learned

  11. Performing Making up dialogues and performing Making up dialogues into 3groups: Group1. A dialogue between Daisy, Carpet and Antelope Group2. A dialogue between Daisy, Carpet and Elephant Group3. A dialogue between Daisy, Carpet and Monkey

  12. Assignment---Writing 假设你叫李明,试着按以下内容给报社的编辑写封英文建议信。 熊猫是一种濒危物种。我们应该采取一些重要的手段来拯救熊猫。首先,应该建立一些自然公园。在那里熊猫可以愉快地享受他们的生活。公园附近应有竹林,以便它们能很容易地找到它们爱吃的竹子。同时,应该让大家意识到熊猫是人类的好朋友,人类应该注意保护它们,让它们过上自由自在的生活。

  13. Writing Dear Editor: I am a senior student. I would like to take the opportunity to express my suggestions that___________________ For one thing, _____________ For another, _________ Last but not least _____________ All in all, ___________________ I would be more than happy if my suggestion could be considered. Best wishes! Yours sincerely, Li Ming