1st grade parent information night n.
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1st Grade Parent Information Night PowerPoint Presentation
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1st Grade Parent Information Night

1st Grade Parent Information Night

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1st Grade Parent Information Night

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  1. 1st GradeParent Information Night

  2. A Little Bit about Me…. Mrs. Grimes Room #221 512-428-7433 amanda_grimes@ This is my 10th year to teach 1st Grade at DFT! Am married, live in Round Rock All four of our children have attended DFT! I love teaching 1st graders and seeing their growth!

  3. Mrs. Grimes’ Daily Schedule 7:40-7:55 Enter from hall, Announcements, Lunch Count 8:00-9:00 Writing 9:00- 10:00 Guided Reading/Daily 5 10:00-10:20 Recess 10:37-11:07 Lunch 11:10-11:30 Words Their Way 11:35-12:25 Specials 12:30-1:30 Math 1:30-2:05 Social Studies/Science 2:05-2:30 DFT Time 2:40 Dismissal

  4. Writing 8:00- 9:00 Writing Process Planning, Draft, Revise, Edit , Publish Topics important to students Conventions: capitalization, punctuation, spelling

  5. Guided Reading/Daily 59:00 - 10:00 • Students work on reading skills in small group • Reading homework daily and once over weekend. • 15-20 minutes (can split up) • After child reads, parents signs reading log • Important for students to bring blue folder/books • school each day. • Independent Lang. Arts practice (“Daily Five”) when not at reading group.

  6. Daily 5 Read to Self Work on Writing Read to Someone Word Work Listening to Reading

  7. Recess 10:00- 10:20 Lunch 10:37-11:07Please send money labeled in an envelope or baggies1st Grade teachers allow students to purchase ice cream or snack only on Fridays . (if ok with parents)

  8. Words Their Way11:10-11:30 • Words Their Way • word families • Students sort picture/word cards • Learn patterns • No traditional spelling homework/tests • Instead: word study homework sent home on Fridays, due the next Friday. Students choose from list. Weekly word study assessments.

  9. Specials/Conference Time11:35-12:25 P.E. Tuesday, Thursdays, & ½ every other Friday Wear tennies to school on PE days (no time to change shoes) Music on Mondays & ½ of 2 Fridays a month Art on Wednesdays & ½ of 2 Fridays a month

  10. Math 12:30-1:30 Variety of resources Heavy on Problem Solving Explaining thinking Manipulatives Calendar Time

  11. Science/Social Studies • Alternate • Go by ARRC, use variety of resources • Students record in notebook

  12. D.F.T. Time(Dedicated Focused T.E.K.S. Time) 2:05- 2:30 Teacher works with a small group that needs extra help in a certain area. The majority of the class works in a larger group with an instructional aide.

  13. Rules/TribesCommunityAgreements

  14. Discipline Color Clip Chart 1. Starts each day on green. 2. If a student does not follow classroom agreements, they must move their clip in the following order and miss some recess time to reflect on their choices. 1. Yellow 2. Blue 3. Orange 4. Red (Office and/or call to parents) Please initial each day on the behavior chart that you saw and discussed behavior with your child. Please email or call with any questions/concerns.

  15. Positive Rewards Verbal Praise & Reinforcement Caught Being Good Slips Brilliant Brave Whole Class Incentive

  16. Transportation Changes Please send a note or call the office if your child needs to go home a different way. Teachers may not be able to answer or check phone messages before end of the day.

  17. Absences Call & send a note for absencesPlease avoid tardies and/or absences so that instruction time is not lost.

  18. Red Tuesday Folders Please discuss student work with your child Much of work is kept in spirals/notebooks at school Empty folder, Sign, then Return on Wednesdays

  19. Homework • Daily – Readinghomework 15-20 mins, parents sign log • ** Reading Strategies in packet • Weekly- Word Study • Students work throughout week at family’s pace • Sent home on Fridays, due next Friday • Assessed Weekly • Math • Due on next Friday • Occasionally- Projects or Research

  20. Study Hall During Recess To do unfinished homework Or to complete work not finished in class Students go out to recess when finished

  21. Grades Number Grades on Word Study Tests and Math Tests Daily work: or or Teacher may ask for Work /Tests to be corrected at home and returned .

  22. Report Cards Each Nine Weeks No number grades Stages 1, 2, 3, 4 will be marked 2’s are fine for all year up until end of 3rd 9 weeks Parents may keep report card, sign and return envelope

  23. Birthdays • On Fridays Only, at 2:15 • Parents can send treat or come to help serve. ( No cakes please) • Invitations to parties must be • given to every student in the class

  24. Volunteers Volunteer basket by door, I f I know you are coming I will put things we need help with. Volunteers may work on the desk outside our door If you plan to volunteer at all this year (field trips, etc)…You must fill out an Online Volunteer Application each year. See link on our website

  25. “Mango: Occasional Pet Visitor” • “Mango,” a Bearded Dragon Lizard • About 7 years old • Calm, nonaggressive • RRISD no longer allows class pets, she will visit occasionally. • She eats vegetables, fruit, crickets and super worms • We welcome donations • of super worms.

  26. Thank you for coming! Please sign up at the front table for a fall parent teacher conference. Please contact me anytime with questions or concerns. My goal…For your student to love learning & school!