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Magnet Summaries

Magnet Summaries

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Magnet Summaries

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  1. Magnet Summaries

  2. When you are faced with a big passage, it’s difficult to figure out what the “big idea” is • Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just wave a magnet over your book and the big idea would just jump off the page? N O N O T E S What is it?

  3. It will make it easier for you to… • Sum up what is important • Make a generalization • Create an interpretation • Draw a conclusion • Hypothesize an explanation • No matter what class you are in! N O N O T E S How can magnet summaries help you?

  4. TAKE NOTES • A good reader must be able to identify the most important details and leave out the details of lesser importance • A good reader must also be able to paraphrase---interpret what was read and retell it in their own words Why does a good reader summarize?

  5. Reading Passages on the FCAT can range from 300 to 1400 words long. • This passage is 1330 words • Silently read the passage • Do not worry about answering the questions • When you are finished…look up at the ceiling! (I’m not joking!) N O N O T E S Page 782, “Rocking the World Through Music”

  6. TAKE NOTES • They are key terms or concepts to which details in the passage seem to connect (they are attracted to them like a magnet!) • Sometimes it’s easy • Magnet words frequently appear in the title, headings, may be highlighted or in bold (caution: not all bold words are magnet words) How to select Magnet Words

  7. TAKE NOTES • On the front and back side copy this same graphic organizer • Try to make the squares take up almost the whole page Magnet Words Summary Magnet Summaries

  8. TAKE NOTES • Take 5 minutes to find the magnet words for the passage • You should be able to find 6 What are our magnet words?

  9. TAKE NOTES • The Fight for Liberty • Women’s Rights • Unions and Worker’s Rights • Poverty • Civil Rights • Charity Rock • Copy each of the magnet words onto a square on the LEFT SIDE of the organizer Our Magnet Words

  10. What do magnet words attract? N O N O T E S Step One

  11. TAKE NOTES • What do magnet words attract? • Important information • Details • Read the first introduction • Read the section title, “The Fight for Liberty” • As you read, record details that are attracted to the magnet word • When you are done…look up at the ceiling Step One

  12. N O N O T E S Sung at social and political gatherings First Patriotic Song The Fight for Liberty British Colonists Written in response to controversial British actions 1768

  13. TAKE NOTES • In the box to the right (follow the arrow), draft a summary of what you just read, using the magnet words and as many of the terms/ideas that you put in the box as you can • Make sure to underline the magnet word in your summary • Limit your summary to one (better) or two (okay) sentences. Creating your Summary

  14. N O N O T E S The Liberty Song was written in 1768 by two British colonists in response to controversial actions in Britain. It has become America’s first patriotic song and is sung at social and political gatherings.

  15. N O N O T E S • Take 5 minutes to read the next section, “Women’s Rights” • Record words/terms/phrases that are attracted to your magnet word Next Step

  16. N O N O T E S • Everyone stand up next to your desk. • Raise your right hand. • When I say go… • Begin walking around the room Hands Up, Pair Up

  17. Stop! • High-Five the person closest to you • You are now partners for the next 5 minutes • If you don’t have a partner, keep walking around with your hand up • No groups of three and no singles allowed N O N O T E S Hands Up, Pair Up

  18. TAKE NOTES • The person with the longest hair goes first • Share your magnet details • Together; create and record your magnet summary • When you are finished, remain standing and put your right hand in the air Women’s Rights

  19. Right hand in the air and start walking… N O N O T E S What are Magnet Summaries {in your own words}?

  20. N O N O T E S • STOP! • High five the person who is closest to you • You will be partners for the next five minutes • Take 30 seconds to think about how you would explain to your partner how to complete the magnet summaries for the next section What are Magnet Summaries {in your own words}?

  21. N O N O T E S • Take 10 seconds to decide who wakes up earliest in the morning in order to get to school • The person who wakes up the earliest goes first – EXPLAIN in your own words Magnet Summaries? • START! • Partner Two: Take 30 seconds to fill in whatever your partner got, or repeat their instructions if they were complete What are Magnet Summaries {in your own words}?

  22. TAKE NOTES • Have a seat! • For the rest of the class • Read the remaining4 sections • Write down words/phrases/terms that are attracted to the magnet word • Compete the magnet summaries for each magnet term Last Step