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Lessons in Leadership: Tom Peters Seminar2001 Rollercoaster Days: Learning to … Rock & Roll! Ft Lauderdale/ 05.22.2 PowerPoint Presentation
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Lessons in Leadership: Tom Peters Seminar2001 Rollercoaster Days: Learning to … Rock & Roll! Ft Lauderdale/ 05.22.2

Lessons in Leadership: Tom Peters Seminar2001 Rollercoaster Days: Learning to … Rock & Roll! Ft Lauderdale/ 05.22.2

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Lessons in Leadership: Tom Peters Seminar2001 Rollercoaster Days: Learning to … Rock & Roll! Ft Lauderdale/ 05.22.2

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  1. Lessons in Leadership:Tom Peters Seminar2001Rollercoaster Days:Learning to … Rock & Roll!Ft Lauderdale/05.22.2001

  2. More at …tompeters.comSlides from this seminar;Master Presentation, for in-depth; annotated Special Presentations [Women Rule!, Design!, etc.].“Cool Friends” (referenced in seminar).Discussions re this stuff.Calendar of events.Lavender text in this file is a link.

  3. “There will be more confusion in the business world in the next decadethan in any decade in history. And the current pace of change will only accelerate.”Steve Case

  4. “In 25 years, you’ll probably be able to get the sum total of all human knowledge on a personal device.”Greg Blonder, VC [was Chief Technical Adviser for Corporate Strategy @ AT&T] [Barron’s 11.13.2000]

  5. <1000A.D.: paradigm shift: 1000s of years1000: 100 years for paradigm shift1800s: > prior 900 years1900s: 1st 20 years > 1800s2000: 10 years for paradigm shift21st century: 1000X tech change than 20th century (“the ‘Singularity,’ a merger between humans and computers that is so rapid and profound it represents a rupture in the fabric of human history”)Ray Kurzweil, talk april2001

  6. “The corporation as we know it, which is now 120 years old, is not likely to survive the next 25 years. Legally and financially, yes, but not structurally and economically.”Peter Drucker, Business 2.0 (08.00)

  7. “We are in abrawl with no rules.”Paul Allaire

  8. S.A.V.

  9. The Kotler Doctrine:1965-1980: R.A.F.(Ready.Aim.Fire.)1980-1995: R.F.A.(Ready.Fire!Aim.)1995-????: F.F.F.(Fire!Fire!Fire!)

  10. John Roth’s “Rules” [Nortel]1. Our strategies must be tied toleading-edge customers on the attack.2. Time cannot be sacrificedfor better quality, lower cost, or even better decisions.3. It doesn’t matter whether you develop or acquire leading technology.Our job is to provide the technology and products our customers need.4. Success is achieved byleading change, not waiting for it.5. We are paranoid about our leadership– willing to cannibalize our own products to maintain our edge.Source: Abridged from The Wall Street Journal (07.25.00)

  11. “Our strategies must be tied to leading edge customers on the attack. If we focus on the defensive customers, we will also become defensive.”John Roth, CEO, Nortel

  12. Read It Closely:“We don’t sell insurance anymore.Wesell speed.”Peter Lewis, Progressive

  13. I Believe …1. Change will accelerate. DRAMATICALLY.2. We will RE-INVENT THE WORLD IN THE NEXT TWO GENERATIONS.(Business … Health Care … Politics … Fundamentals of Human Interaction.)3. OPPORTUNITIES are matchless.4. You are either …ON THE BUS … or … OFF THE BUS.5. THIS IS ALL GREAT FUN! I WANT TO PLAY! ANDYOU?

  14. StructurePart I: Brand InsidePart II: Brand OutsidePart III: Brand Leadership

  15. Part I: Brand InsidePart II: Brand OutsidePart III: Brand Leadership

  16. Forces @ Work IThe Destruction Imperative!

  17. Forget>“Learn”“The problem is never how to get new, innovative thoughts into your mind, but how to get the old ones out.”Dee Hock

  18. “When asked to name just one big merger that had lived up to expectations, Leon Cooperman, former cochairman of Goldman Sachs’ Investment Policy Committee, answered:I’m sure there are success stories out there, but at this moment I draw a blank.”Mark Sirower, The Synergy Trap

  19. “Acquisitions are about buying market share. Our challenge is to create markets. There is a big difference.” Peter Job, CEO, Reuters

  20. “Our ideal acquisition is a small startup that has a great technology product on the drawing board that is going to come out in six to twelve months. We buy the engineers and the next generation product. …” John Chambers, Cisco

  21. Lessons from the Bees!“Since merger mania is now the rage, what lessons can the bees teach us? A simple one: Merging is not in nature. [Nature’s] process is the exact opposite: one of growth, fragmentation and dispersal. There is no megalomania, no merging for merging’s sake. The point is that unlike corporations, which just get bigger, bee colonies know when the time has come to split up into smaller colonies which can grow value faster. What the bees are telling us is that the corporate world has got it all wrong.”David Lascelles, Co-director of The Centre for the Study of Financial Innovation [UK]

  22. The [New] Ge

  23. The Gales of Creative Destruction+29M = -44M + 73M+4M = +4M - 0M

  24. Forbes100 from 1917 to 1987: 39 members of the Class of ’17 were alive in ’87; 18 are in ’87 F100; the 18 F100 “survivors” underperformed the market by 20%; just 2 (2%), GE & Kodak, outperformed the market from 1917 to 1987.S&P 500 from 1957 to 1997: 74 members of the Class of ’57 were alive in ’97; 12 (2.4%) of 500 outperformed the market from 1957 to 1997.Source: Dick Foster & Sarah Kaplan, Creative Destruction: Why Companies That Are Built to Last Underperform the Market

  25. Brand InsideBrand Org:Lean, Linked, Electronic & Malleable

  26. Headline: “Bank of America to Cut … 10,000 Jobs”“Middle-level and senior managersare expected to be the principal targets of the job cutbacks.”Source: The New York Times (07.29.2000)

  27. White Collar Revolution!

  28. 108 X 5vs. 8 X 1** 540 vs. 8 (-98.5%)

  29. The Pincer 5“Destructive” entrepreneurs/ Global Competition“White Collar Robots”THE INTERNET![E.g.: GM + Ford + DaimlerChrysler]Global Outsourcing[E.g.: India, Mexico]Speed!!

  30. “A bureaucrat is an expensive microchip.”Dan Sullivan, consultant and executive coach

  31. Automation+75% of what we do: 40 “expert” decision rules!

  32. IBM’s Project Eliza!

  33. 80,000?

  34. “AssetlessCompany”John Bryan, CEO, on selling all Sara Lee’s manufacturing

  35. “Don’t own nothin’ if you can help it. If you can, rent your shoes.”F.G.

  36. Cisco, Dell =Brand-owning companies who sell Customer SatisfactionSource: David Schneider & Grady Means, MetaCapitalism [e.g.: Cisco owns 2 of 38 assembly plants]

  37. Brand InsideBrand Work: The Professional Service Firm Model & The WOW Project

  38. So what will be the Basic Building Block of theNew Org?

  39. Every job done in W.C.W. is also done “outside” …for profit!

  40. Answer: PSF![Professional Service Firm]Department Headto …Managing Partner, HR [IS, etc.] Inc.

  41. New OrleansApril 2000:NAPM

  42. Youare the …Rock Stars of the B2B Age!

  43. “P.S.F.”: SummaryH.V.A. Projects (100%)Pioneer ClientsWOW Work (see below)Hot “Talent” (see below)“Adventurous” “culture”Proprietary Point of View (Methodology)W.W.P.F. (100%)/Outside Clients (25%++) When: Now!

  44. 11 September 2000

  45. 09.11.2000: HP bids $18,000,000,000for PricewaterhouseCoopersConsulting business!

  46. [“These days, building the best server isn’t enough. That’s the price of entry.”Ann Livermore, Hewlett-Packard]

  47. % Rev From Service:GE (80%) … IBM (80%) … HP … Sun????

  48. Mystery Co.Turnkey.Collections.Flexible sourcing.Packaging.Merchandising.Promotion.Design.Systems & Site mgt.

  49. Maybe one [or more] of your“PSFs” becomes the tail that wags the dog?????[E.g.: engineering, IS-logistics-customer service]

  50. The Raw Material … The WOWProject!