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Supplementary figure 1

Supplementary figure 1. A. hECFC. dmECFC. B. Surface marker expression in %. C. Surface marker expression in %. days.

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Supplementary figure 1

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  1. Supplementary figure 1 A hECFC dmECFC B Surface marker expression in % C Surface marker expression in % days Supplementary figure 1: Characterization of dmECFC and hECFC. ECFC clonesshowed a typicalmorphology. Fromleftto right: 10x healthy, 10x dmECFCECFC, 40x magnificationdmECFC (A). Expression of endothelial and progenitor markers in dmECFC and hECFC (n=3, B). Expression of CD31, CD34, and VEGFR2 was determined by flow cytometry over time (n=4-6/time point; C).

  2. Supplementary figure 2 A B Relative adiponectin receptor expression in dmECFC (in % hECFC) Supplementary figure 2: mRNA expression of the specific adiponectin receptors AdipoR1 and AdipoR2 in diabetic and non-diabetic ECFC. RT-PCR for yECFC and dmECFC using hypoxanthine-guanine phosphoribosyl transferase (HPRT) as loading control (A), real-time PCR for age-matched hECFC and dmECFC using 18 S rRNA as house keeping gene (B). HPRT HPRT AdipoR1 AdipoR1 AdipoR2 AdipoR2 yECFC dmECFC

  3. Supplementary figure 3 * Nitrite concentration in % control Supplementary figure 3: Concentration of nitrite as a quantitative measure of nitric oxide production in cell culture supernatants, *: p<0.05 vs. control, n=3.

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