control system overview hamid shoaee controls system manager n.
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Control System Overview Hamid Shoaee Controls System Manager PowerPoint Presentation
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Control System Overview Hamid Shoaee Controls System Manager

Control System Overview Hamid Shoaee Controls System Manager

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Control System Overview Hamid Shoaee Controls System Manager

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  1. Control System OverviewHamid ShoaeeControls System Manager • Injector control system commissioning & Support • Linac/BC2 Controls installation status • Plans for the remainder of e- Controls • Summary

  2. Accomplishments in the past six months • Providing ongoing support for the injector operation • New Software, as well as upgrades & enhancements • Commissioning of additional controls subsystems • Field installation of large amount of cable plant, networking, racks & electronics for BC2/Linac • Development of detailed plans for LTU, Undulator and E-Dump control system installation • Coordination of undulator control with ANL • Continuing the development of next generation applications software & feedback system

  3. Continuing support for the Injector Controls • Ernest Williams heading software engineering including EPICS system • “Software Day” concept proved very productive • Commissioning of new applications software such the bunch length measurement, MATLAB based feedback system • Enhancement and troubleshooting of released software • Commissioning of additional diagnostics

  4. The Toroid charge monitoring system was successfully commissioned

  5. Absolute charge measurement with Toroids • Mean ratio of Toroid to BPM charge = 1.45

  6. PULNIX 8-bit 640x480 120 fps CameraLink Used for centroid feedback Laser SystemsImage Acquisition and Steering Feedback

  7. Simultaneous measurement of all BPMs Fitted beam position versus measured yields resolution 2 microns at 400 pC Synchronous Acquisition to measure Resolution S. Smith et al.

  8. SCP orbit display of Injector BPMS (EPICS) and SLC BPMS on the same pulse

  9. BC1 Chicane OTR Screen commissioned 1 mm thick Al foil

  10. Wire Scanners Direction of motion Based on existing SLAC mechanical design (E. Bong) Y U X Updated EPICS controls interface Pulse-by-pulse compensation of bunch charge and trajectory jitter

  11. collecting mirror Annular mirror Coh. Diffraction Radiation + Coh. Synchrotron Radiation + Coh. Edge radiation Compressor chicane Electronics and Data acquisition for Bunch Length Monitor System design by J. Frisch and H. Loos Filters & Detectors External optics vacuum mirror

  12. Longitudinal Feedback System Commissioned

  13. Save and Restore Application (phase 1)

  14. Online Model Applications “Launcher” for Other programs Model control Beam-line selector Orbit data plot

  15. Image Management Bunch Length Measurement Emittance and Energy Application Applications provided in MATLAB

  16. LLRF Work Completed since last review • All remaining stations in the injector and L1 were built, programmed and installed: • Transverse cavity in L0 • Phase cavity in L0 (alternative input source for laser phase feedback) • Phase cavity in L1 (diagnostic, no feedback) • Klystron phase & amplitude detectors (PAD) at 20-5, 20-6, 20-7, 20-8, 21-1 S-band and 21-2 X-band • Laser phase feedback enhancements

  17. BC2, Linac Controls System Installation LTU/DUMP UNDULATOR INJECTOR LINAC/BC2 250 MeV 4.30 GeV 13.6 GeV 6 MeV 135 MeV Linac-X L =0.6 m Linac-0 L =6 m rf gun L0-a,b Linac-1 L 9 m Linac-2 L 330 m Linac-3 L 550 m 25-1a 30-8c 21-3b 24-6d ...existing linac 21-1 b,c,d undulator L =130 m X BC2 L 22 m BC1 L 6 m ‘Wall region’ DL2 L =275 m 2008 2007 down, Sept-Nov Operational SLAC linac tunnel research yard

  18. LCLS Installation and Commissioning Time-Line X-ray tunnel/FEH Install Linac/BC2 Controls Install LTU/Und/Dump Controls Install CD-4 (7/30/10) FEE/NEH Install S O N D J F M A M J J A S O N D J F M A M J J A S O N D J F M A M 2007 2008 2009 2010 PPS PPS LTU/Und Commissioning Tunnel/FEH Commissioning Linac/BC2 Commissioning FEE/NEH Commissioning

  19. Linac & BC2 Controls Installation • Detailed plans were in place Feb-March 2007 • The scope includes • Adding new magnets including pulsed horizontal dipole magnet • Adding BPM, x-collimator, OTR screen • Extending the new timing system • Safety systems (MPS, BCS) • BC2 installation, similar scope to BC1 • Very little engineering development • The biggest challenge has been meeting the schedule

  20. Linac & BC2 Controls Installation proceeding close to original schedule Controls Check out to start 11/7/07

  21. Cable plant installations are nearing completion

  22. Electronics Racks have been installed in the field

  23. BC2, Linac Controls checkout to start next week • All vacuum control equipment bench tested and loaded. • All network Switches, terminal servers, patch panels in place..

  24. Undulator Control • Close collaboration between SLAC and ANL • Separate weekly video conferences on Controls, BPM, BLM (Beam Loss Monitor) • Participation by SLAC personnel in planning, coordination and testing at ANL • Cavity BPM tests successful, meet sped • Undulator motion control FDR in 2 weeks • Have a design for BLM with schedule for development

  25. First beam tests of Undulator Cavity BPMat ANL (R. Lill) Cavity BPM undulator

  26. Controls for LTU, Undulator, E-dump BSY 550 m emittance diagnostic and collimation vertical bends dumpline horizontal bends undulator

  27. Controls for LTU, Undulator, E-dump • Identification of cable plant is nearing completion and documented in CAPTAR • We have developed electronics rack profiles for nearly all systems • We have an installation plan which is being integrated with the over all 2008 schedule • The challenge is coordination with other installations

  28. Developing detailed schedule for 2008 Controls installation

  29. Plans for the Next Six Months • Complete the BC2 installation and support the commissioning effort • Develop detailed plans for LTU, Undulator installation • Make major progress on the next generation high level applications software

  30. Conclusions • We have been providing ongoing support for the injector controls • The commissioning experience and the collaboration with physicists have been very effective in refining the systems • BC2/Linac Controls installation is proceeding well and close to the original schedule • We are developing detailed controls installation plans for the remainder of the e- regions • With the exception of a few systems, we are over the engineering curve, and the remaining challenge is maintaining the schedule