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  1. SWEDEN By: Erik Nilsson

  2. Sweden !!! • Capital of Sweden is Stockholm • It boarders Norway, and Finland • Its by Baltic sea And Gulf of Bothnia

  3. Sweden Flag

  4. Population • There are about 8,878,085 people in Sweden of 2003

  5. The location from the US • Sweden is east form the United States.

  6. Airports ARN Stockholm-Arlanda BNA Stockholm-Bromma GOT Göteborg-Landvetter MMX Malmö-Sturup

  7. Government Constitutional Monarchy

  8. Sweden Languages Swedish lang. Sami-and Finnish

  9. Swedish Music • The Swedish people are mostly in to the techno music. They love to go to clubs. • Other people like music we have in the U.S. to.

  10. Climate • This is the city of Belize, here is a graph showing some of the climate they get. • Sweden also gets a lot of snow in the winter time, in the summer it usually get very hot sometimes.

  11. Seasons • They have a very hot and nice summer in Sweden. People love to go to the beaches there. • Sweden as a very pretty winter that most people call it the home of Santa.

  12. How big is Sweden to the US The United States is 290,342,554 Sweden is 8,878,085

  13. Attractions • You can ride a boat on their famous canal Gota • The Lapland of Sweden best know as the home of Santa Claus

  14. Swedish Food The Swedish meat balls are one of the very tasty <foods Swedish Fish is a very popular candy in Sweden.

  15. Leaders of Sweden • Erik the Red was born in Sweden. in southern Sweden. Erik the Red's real name was Eric Thorvaldsson. They called him " Erik the Red" because he had red hair. Erik was born in 950 A.D. and died in 1003-1004 A.D. •    He want to explorer Greenland. • Later on a expedition he woke to find he's whole team gone he was left by him self with everything with him.

  16. Wars • The Swedish was involved in world war 2 • Later before that time there people know as the Vikings. Theses people had no fear in them at all they were worries fighting to serve and conger.

  17. Why Did I Pick This Country • I picked this country because I am Swedish. • I always wanted to learn more about Sweden.

  18. Three things I have Learned about Sweden • I learned that Sweden ia a very cold place in the winter. • I learned that the Swedish Fish are the most popular candy out there. • I learned many people went there during the World War 2 for safety

  19. If I would Change Sweden.. • If I would change Sweden I would have people visit the U.S. more often.

  20. Would I Move Out There • I would move to Sweden for awhile. Then I would move back. Really it all depends on how I like Sweden.