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Exercise -1

Exercise -1

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Exercise -1

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  1. Exercise -1 You have 3rows & 3 columns box along with nine numbers ranging from -5 to 3. Insert the numbers in the box so when adding the numbers vertically, horizontally and diagonally will be equal to -3.

  2. Exercise -2 Two flagpoles are standing, each 100 feet tall. A 150-foot rope is strung from the top of one of the flagpoles to the top of the other and hands freely between them. The lowest point of the rope is 25 feet above the ground. How far apart are the two flagpoles?

  3. Exercise-3 You have eight look-alike coins of which one is a heavier counterfeit. A balance scale is available and the counterfeit is to be located in two weighing.

  4. Exercise - 4 Shortly after the upper floors of a high rise hotel had been renovated to increase the hotel's room capacity, the guests complained that the elevators were too slow. The building manager assembled the staff to solve the problem. A conversation with the elevator manufacturer indicates that the elevators could not be made to travel faster. State and solve the problem.

  5. Exercise - 5 Flowmeters, such as the ones at the gasoline pumps to measure the number of gallons of gas delivered to your gas tank, are commonplace in industry. A flow meter was installed in a chemical plant to measure the flow rate of corrosive fluid. A few months after the installation, the corrosive fluid had eaten through the flowmeter and began to leak onto the plant floor. State and solve the problem

  6. Exercise - 6 Your engineering consulting group has been hired by Big John's Pizza Shop to develop a new pizza delivery system. The contract suggests that economics, pizza quality, environmental impact, and marketability are to be considered for the assignment.

  7. Exercise - 7 The United States government has advertised the following Request for Proposals (RFP): "It is desired that proposals be developed to address Safe Driving in the Winter through the development of new products that will accomplish improved vehicle / driver safety.